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    As CSBE/SCGAB member, your work and achivements are recognized by the Society.

    Visit the Awards section for more information.

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  • Discover Bioengineering

    Creative challenges and diverse opportunities abound. There is something for everyone in ag and bio engineering, let's discover what is amazing about this profession...

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  • Help communities worldwide

    Students from Biosystems, Civil, Nursing and Architecture worked at an elementary school in Honduras on a rainwater collection system, water filtration system, irrigation for a school garden, teaching classes in health and other construction projects.

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  • A Professional Society

    CSBE/SCGAB provides key platforms for the compilation of knowledge and the dissemination of technology, including the publication of a refereed journal and of standards of practice, and conducting annual conferences, workshops for Continued Professional Development, and technical meetings.

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  • Ag Engineering is in demand!

    Looking for a career that plans on being around for a while? Forbes magazine lists Agricultural Engineering as a top major for the future. 

    Discover how developing better and more sustainable ways to grow food to meet the needs of the world...

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CSBE/SCGAB Annual General Meeting and Technical Conference, Winnipeg, 2017
Joint meeting with CIGR Section VI: Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering
August 6-10, 2017


Website: www.csbe-scgab.ca/winnipeg2017

Message from President

Published in Summer 2016 Perspectives Newsletter

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    Bonjour!!  Greetings!! It is time to reflect on the past, take stock of the present and gaze into the crystal ball for the future … As of September 2, 2016, it has been exactly 47 years and eight months to the day since I have come to Canada.  My journey during this period has taught me to realize the importance of learning and to be connected to nature in a multi-disciplinary framework.  Thanks to all my gurus (teachers), colleagues, and shishyas (students) who have taught me humility and wisdom in life.  I am in a milieu of smart people called bioengineers who can make a big difference not only in addressing current challenges but also for the future where the global population is heading towards over ten billion people in the next two to three decades.  Canada being an exporter of various agricultural commodities has a lot to offer not…
    Written on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 18:43
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