Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community.
Please consider nominating a member. The nominations must be received by the Committees by May 1.

Fellow Awards

The designation "Grade of Fellow" shall have honorary status, to which members of distinction may be elected, but for which they may not apply. A Fellow shall be a member of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of agricultural, food, and/or biological engineering, and shall have met all the requirements for the grade of member. A Fellow shall have been a member of the Society for ten years, and have twenty years of active practice in the profession. 

Nomination as a Fellow may be made to the Fellows Committee by ten members in good standing. To be elected, a nominee must be unanimously approved by all members of the Fellows Committee.

Awards and Fellow status are given for outstanding contributions through work in one or more of the following:

  • Design and development based on originality, practicality, and applicability; the awardee must have made the major contribution to the concepts, design or development recognized.
  • Extension and management based on a record of high quality work in agricultural, food, and/or biological engineering extension such as leading in extension education through groups or T.V., or by assisting farmers in innovation of new farmstead systems or components. Alternatively, the awardee may be recognized for outstanding managerial work in the food processing industry, building firms, machinery firms, irrigation firms or land drainage.
  • Teaching and/or research based on a record of good teaching involving innovation in teaching or course development, and professional and enthusiastic leadership to students. Alternatively, the Awardee may be recognized for research abilities and achievements through the development of new theoretical concepts, or the design and execution of good experiments to prove conclusively the answer to some questions of value to agricultural, food and/or biological engineering.

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2018 Fellow Award


Dennis Hodgkinson P.Eng., FEC is the President and Founder of DGH Engineering (DGH). Dennis was instrumental in the development and implementation of a variety of building systems and building service developments in the Agri-Industrial sector. He has contributed to the evolution of developing building systems that integrate wood, structural steel, and concrete elements in very wide, large industrial building complexes, which optimize cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. Dennis has also participated in the development of several precast concrete building products, non-combustible modular buildings and innovative equipment and systems for building ventilation and heating including heat recovery and biomass energy production.

Dennis has practiced as a professional engineer for over 40 years. He commenced his career in the technical and scientific knowledge extension service with the engineering group within the Manitoba Department of Agriculture from 1976 until 1989. He has been a strong supporter of CSBE serving in the capacities of Vice-President for Industry and as President.

Since 1989, Dennis has led DGH’s multidisciplinary team of engineers to grow into a 50-person practise that specializes in commercial and industrial building design, and construction across Western Canada. Embedded in the DGH team are engineers with bilingual capabilities in Mandarin and Russian that support Dennis in the development of international business opportunities.


Awarded title “Fellow of Engineers Canada” in recognition of outstanding support to the Engineering Profession. 2011

Recipient of the John Turnbull Award from CSAE in recognition of outstanding contributions to the structural field of agricultural engineering. 1997

Recipient of the Canadian Agricultural Engineer of the Year Award from CSAE in recognition of outstanding


2018 Fellow Award


Dr. Sylvio Tessier obtained his Bachelors (1980) and Masters (1982) degrees in Agricultural Engineering from McGill University, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Washington State University (1988). Dr. Tessier has been an active member of CSBE/SCGAB and ASABE since 1989, and was the President of CSBE/SCGAB during 2015-2016. He was the recipient of the Glenn Downing Award of CSBE/SCGAB in June 2003, for his outstanding work on the machinery systems. He has received the AE50 award of ASABE in 2013 for the world’s best technology innovations in agricultural, food and biological systems. He also received three Superior Paper awards of ASABE. He has 3 patents: 1) Minimum tillage seeding device (US 5724902, Canadian patent # 2,144,565 Mar 10, 1998); 2) Hydraulic floating system for down-pressure control of seeding tools (US 5562165, Canadian Patent 2144564, Oct 8, 1996); and 3) Tool Control System for Agricultural Seeders (us 20130112124 A1, filed on Jul 30, 2012). Sylvio is a dynamic engineer and all along his career, he has focussed on the ethics and quality of expertise of our profession. For him, the future of our society depends on specific expertise and its implication for young engineers and students. Through his engineering efforts, R&D works, and CSBE/SCGAB involvement, Dr. Tessier has significantly contributed to sustainable agriculture and environment in Canada. His leadership as a professor and head at Université Laval has helped their Agricultural and Food Engineering programs immensely. In recent times he has contributed to professional engineering aspects of agriculture in Manitoba.

2018 Fellow Award


Dr. Stéphane Godbout has been a member of the CSBE for 30 years. He has served the Society as Québec’s regional director and chair of the XVIIth CIGR World Congress and the 5th CIGR International Conference. He has also been involved in the Executive committee of the Québec’s Association of Agri-Food Engineers (AIAQ) as president, vice-president, or administrator. As a research scientist at the Quebec’s Hog Development Center (CDPQ) and Research and Development Institute in Agri-Environment (IRDA), Dr. Godbout has developed and led engineering R&D programs related to air quality in agriculture and management of agricultural residues and livestock manure. He has strongly influenced technical knowledge in agricultural engineering. Dr Godbout developed an innovative methodology to measure gas and odour emissions from agricultural buildings. He collaborated in the unique development of 12 independent rooms to assess the environmental impacts of new techniques in pig and poultry production. His recent research on bioenergy led to the construction of a special laboratory dedicated to the reduction of vegetable spillage and use of agricultural biomass to produce on-farm energy. Dr Godbout is also adjunct professor at Université Laval. This position has allowed him to supervise 11 undergraduate students and 8 postdoctoral fellows, and or co-supervise 19 MSc and 7 PhD students. He has received many honours including CSBE Young Engineer Award and the John Turnbull Award. In light of his strong record, he is elected as 2018 CSBE/SCGAB Fellow. 

2017 Fellow Award

ying chen fellowYing Chen, PhD, P.Eng. is granted the CSBE/SCGAB grade of Fellow, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Engineering for agricultural, food and biological systems through research, student training, and service to CSBE/SCGAB. 

Dr. Chen is an innovative researcher, caring teacher, and friendly expert to farmers.  As a faculty member at University of Manitoba for the past 20 years, Dr. Chen has developed a strong research program in the area of tillage and manure injection. She always sets a higher standard for herself. She has published 80 papers in refereed journals and received over $2.6M in research funding as the principle investigator. Dr. Chen has been very active in CSBE and ASABE. She regularly attends the CSBE and ASABE annual meetings and workshops. She, with her students and co-workers, presented many papers at national and regional CSBE and ASABE meetings. She has served on and chaired several important committees of CSBE and ASABE, including the chair of the CSBE Awards Committee, and Associate Editor of the Canadian Biosystems Engineering. As a teacher, Dr. Chen cares about students. She is always there if students have any questions. As the only female faculty member in the department until two years ago, Dr. Chen acts as a role model for female engineering students. Because of her expertise in agricultural machinery and her enthusiasm of working the industry, Dr. Chen is highly regarded by the local industries and farmers. She has worked with several local agricultural equipment manufacturers in developing and improving tillage and manure injection equipment.

De par sa recherche, son engagement dans la formation des étudiants et son implication au sein de la CSBE/SCGAB, Dr Ying Chen, PhD, ing, se voit accorder le grade de Fellow de la CSBE/SCGAB en reconnaissance de ses contributions exceptionnelles en génie des systèmes agricoles, alimentaires et biologiques.

La Dre Chen est une chercheuse innovante, une enseignante attentionnée et une sommité auprès des agriculteurs. Depuis plus de 20 ans, Dre Chen est membre du corps professoral de l'Université du Manitoba où elle a développé un solide programme de recherche sur le travail du sol et sur l'injection de fumier. Elle se fixe toujours des normes personnelles et professionnelles très élevées et elle fait preuve de beaucoup de détermination. Elle a publié plus de 80 articles scientifiques qui ont été publiés dans des revues avec comité de lecture et elle a reçu plus de 2,6 millions de dollars en financement pour ses propres travaux de recherche. Dre Chen est très active au sein de la CSBE/SCGAB et de l’ASABE où elle participe régulièrement aux réunions et aux ateliers. Avec la participation de ses étudiants et de ses collègues, ils ont présenté de nombreux articles aux réunions nationales et régionales de la CSBE/SCGAB et de l’ASABE. Elle a occupé plusieurs postes importants dont la présidente du comité des prix de la CSBE/SCGAB et celui d’adjointe-rédactrice en chef du Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal. En tant que professeur, la Dre Chen prend à cœur le succès de ses étudiants et elle est toujours disponible pour répondre à leurs questions. Jusqu’à tout récemment, elle était la seule femme du corps enseignant du département et du fait, elle est un modèle pour les jeunes étudiantes en génie. Elle partage avec enthousiasme son expertise en matière de machinerie agricole avec les agriculteurs et les industriels impliqués dans le développement et l'amélioration d’équipement utilisé pour travailler la terre et d'équipement d'injection de fumier.


2017 Fellow Award

ranjan fellowDr. Sri Ranjan is awarded the CSBE-SCGAB Grade of Fellow for his contributions to the bioengineering profession through his innovative research and teaching of soil and water engineering for promoting sustainable agriculture and the environment.  As a professor at the University of Manitoba for the past 27 years, he has been a pioneer in the use of technology for teaching and has given university-wide workshops to his colleagues to adopt these techniques in their teaching as well as at national and international conferences. As a teacher, Dr. Sri Ranjan created two senior engineering design courses (Design of Water Management Systems, Remediation Engineering) both of which are popular among students specializing in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. He is currently supervising two PhD and six MSc students and has supervised over 70 graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Sri Ranjan has been conducting irrigation and drainage research in fully instrumented fields in Manitoba and helping farmers see the benefits of advanced water management techniques.  He has published over 120 papers at national and international journals and conference proceedings and made over 30 invited presentations in Canada, USA, India, China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  He has four patents on electronic instruments that were designed to improve water management at the field level.  Dr. Sri Ranjan is highly regarded for his expertise by the drainage and irrigation industry personnel and farmers and often invited to present the state-of-the-art in this field. His research has helped farmers assess the economic impact of irrigation and drainage allowing them to make informed decisions before upgrading their fields. 

For the past 11 years, he has made significant contributions to the CSBE-SCGAB serving on the council as the Editor of the Canadian Biosystems Engineering (CEB) Journal.  He implemented the online Open Journal System to receive and review manuscripts for the CBE journal.  He also implemented the digitization and upload of the entire Canadian Biosystems/Agricultural Engineering legacy journal collection spanning 50 years in an electronically searchable format to enable easy worldwide access online. In addition, he has enrolled the CBE journal in international indexing services to gain wider exposure to research published by our members.


Le Dr Sri Ranjan reçoit le grade de Fellow de la CSBE/SCGAB pour sa recherche innovante et son enseignement du génie des sols et de l'eau dans une optique d'agriculture durable et saine pour d'environnement. Depuis plus de 27 ans, Dr Sri Rnjan est professeur à l'Université du Manitoba. Il est l’un des pionniers dans l’utilisation des technologies informatiques pour faciliter l’enseignement des sciences et de l’ingénierie. Il a mis en place des ateliers pour partager son engouement pour les technologies et l’enseignement avec ses collègues de l’Université et d’ailleurs dans le monde En tant que professeur, le Dr Sri Ranjan a créé deux cours de design d'ingénierie : i) Conception de systèmes de gestion des ressources hydriques, et ii) Génie de l’assainissement des sols et des eaux contaminés. Ces deux cours sont très populaires auprès des étudiants qui se spécialisent en génie agricole et en environnement. Présentement, il supervise deux étudiants aux 3ième cycle et 6 étudiants au 2ième cycle, et au cour de sa carrière, il a supervisé plus de 70 étudiants.

Les travaux de recherche du Dr Sri Ranjan porte sur l'irrigation et le drainage dans des parcelles de champs entièrement instrumentés pour démontrer aux agriculteurs les avantages des techniques avancées de gestion de l'eau. Il a publié plus de 120 articles dans des revues scientifiques et plusieurs présentations à des conférences nationales et internationales. Il a été conférencier invité à plus de 30 occasions dans plusieurs pays comme le Canada, les États-Unis, l’Inde, la Chine, le Bangladesh et le Sri Lanka. Il a déposé quatre brevets pour des instruments électroniques conçus pour améliorer la gestion de l'eau. L’expertise du Dr Sri Ranjan est très appréciée par les intervenants de l'industrie de l'irrigation et du drainage et par les agriculteurs qui l’ont souvent invité pour mieux comprendre l’impact économique de ses travaux de recherche.

Au cours des 11 dernières années, il a contribué énormément aux activités de la CSBE/SCGAB en tant que rédacteur en chef du Canadian Biosystems Engineering (CBE) Journal. Il a mis en place la version en ligne du Open Journal pour recevoir et réviser les manuscrits à être publié dans le journal CBE. Il a également mis en œuvre la numérisation et le téléchargement de l'ensemble de la collection de 50 ans de Canadian Biosystems/Agricultural Engineering dans un format électroniquement consultable qui est accessible par le WEB partout dans le monde. De plus, il a inscrit le journal CBE aux services d'indexation internationale afin d’accroître la visibilité de la recherche publiée par nos membres.