Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community.
Please consider nominating a member. The nominations must be received by the Committees by May 1.

Fellow Awards

The designation "Grade of Fellow" shall have honorary status, to which members of distinction may be elected, but for which they may not apply. A Fellow shall be a member of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of agricultural, food, and/or biological engineering, and shall have met all the requirements for the grade of member. A Fellow shall have been a member of the Society for ten years, and have twenty years of active practice in the profession. 

Nomination as a Fellow may be made to the Fellows Committee by ten members in good standing. To be elected, a nominee must be unanimously approved by all members of the Fellows Committee.

Awards and Fellow status are given for outstanding contributions through work in one or more of the following:

  • Design and development based on originality, practicality, and applicability; the awardee must have made the major contribution to the concepts, design or development recognized.
  • Extension and management based on a record of high quality work in agricultural, food, and/or biological engineering extension such as leading in extension education through groups or T.V., or by assisting farmers in innovation of new farmstead systems or components. Alternatively, the awardee may be recognized for outstanding managerial work in the food processing industry, building firms, machinery firms, irrigation firms or land drainage.
  • Teaching and/or research based on a record of good teaching involving innovation in teaching or course development, and professional and enthusiastic leadership to students. Alternatively, the Awardee may be recognized for research abilities and achievements through the development of new theoretical concepts, or the design and execution of good experiments to prove conclusively the answer to some questions of value to agricultural, food and/or biological engineering.

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2015 Fellow Award

qiang-zhangQiang Zhang PhD is awarded the CSBE/SCGAB Grade of Fellow for his leadership, management and contributions to the bioengineering profession through a career in teaching and research in direct support of sustainable and competitive agriculture. Dr. Zhang has maintained an active research program over the past 26 years in the area of agricultural structures and environment. He has published over 220 papers in referred journals and conference proceedings, and prepared 34 technical reports. In the past five years (2009- 2014), he has received $726,758 in research funding as PI, and $1,189,560 as Co-PI. He is currently supervising or co-supervising 4 PhD and 1 MSc students, and has trained 24 HQPs in the past five years.

Dr. Zhang`s expertise in greenhouses and energy conservation links him uniquely to researchers in a variety of disciplines who can work together on bioenergy-greenhouse systems. Qiang is recognized in North America for his research into solar energy greenhouses, in particular for cold climates. He served as a member of the Manitoba Greenhouse Think Tank. He was invited to speak on solar energy greenhouses in many occasions, including Growing Local, Getting Vocal, Cultivating a Food Secure Future for Manitobans conference (2008, Winnipeg), and the 16th Annual Agricultural Seminar of the Territorial Farmers Association (2007, Hay River). He has worked very closely with several local greenhouse producers (Oriental Vegetables in Elie, MB and Blue Lagoon Organics in St. Francois Xavier, MB) in testing and improving the design and operation of solar energy greenhouses.

Qiang has collaborated with researchers from several Chinese universities, including China Agricultural University and Shengyang Agricultural University. He has been working with engineers from Manitoba Hydro for the past 10 years on several projects. This collaboration has resulted in several publications (MB Hydro Profiles in R&D) that are used by many individuals and organizations as the primary reference for solar energy greenhouse design. Dr. Qiang served as President of CSBE/SCGAB in 2012-2013.

Le rang de Fellow CSBE/SCGAB est décerné à Qiang Zhang, Ph.D. pour son leadership, sa gestion et ses contributions à la bioingénierie tout au cours de sa carrière en enseignement et en recherche, résultant en un effet direct sur l'agriculture durable et compétitive. Dr. Zhang a su maintenir un programme de recherche actif au cours des 26 dernières années dans le domaine des structures agricoles et de l'environnement. Il a publié plus de 220 articles dans des revues reconnues et dans des résumés de conférences et il a préparé 34 rapports techniques. Au cours des cinq dernières années (2009- 2014), il a reçu 726 758$ en fonds de recherche comme PI, et 1 189 560$ en tant que co-PI. Il supervise ou co-supervise actuellement 4 étudiants au doctorat et 1 à la maîtrise. Il a formé 24 professionnels hautement qualifiés au cours des cinq dernières années.

L’expertise de pointe du Dr. Zhang dans les domaines des serres et de la conservation de l'énergie lui permet de travailler avec des chercheurs dans une variété de disciplines sur les systèmes de bioénergie en serriculture. Qiang est reconnue en Amérique du Nord pour ses recherches sur l'utilisation de l’énergie solaire dans les serres, en particulier dans les climats froids. Il a été membre du Manitoba Greenhouse Think Tank. Il a été invité à discuter des serres à l’énergie solaires à plusieurs reprises, dont lors de la conférence Growing Local, Getting Vocal, Cultivating a Food Secure Future for Manitobans (2008, Winnipeg) et lors du 16th Annual Agricultural Seminar of the Territorial Farmers Association (2007, Hay River). Il a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec plusieurs producteurs en serre locaux (Oriental Vegetables à Elie, MB et Blue Lagoon Organics à St. Francois Xavier, MB) pour tester et améliorer la conception et l'exploitation des serres solaires.

Qiang a collaboré avec des chercheurs de plusieurs universités chinoises, dont la China Agricultural University et la Shengyang Agricultural University. Au cours des 10 dernières années, il a aussi travaillé avec des ingénieurs de Manitoba Hydro sur plusieurs projets. Cette collaboration a donné lieu à plusieurs publications (MB Hydro Profiles in R&D) qui sont utilisées par de nombreuses personnes et organisations en tant que principales références pour la conception de serres solaires. Dr. Qiang a été président de la CSBE/ SCGAB en 2012-2013.

2015 Fellow Award

yves-fellowYves Choinière, Eng., Agr., P. Eng., is awarded the CSBE/SCGAB Grade of Fellow for his outstanding contribution to teaching, research and professional service in agricultural structures systems engineering. Yves entered the profession of agricultural engineering as a county engineer with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in 1984. Based at the Alfred College of Agriculture and Food Technology, he assumed the tasks of teaching, extension and research work. He soon became the provincial specialist in farmstead planning and farm health and safety.

While gaining experience, he obtained in 1991 an M. Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering. Yves was an active member in several consultation committees and he participated in construction and research projects with the Ontario Colleges of Agricultural Technology, University of Guelph and with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. His work on natural ventilation for livestock housing is recognized worldwide.

In 1995, he founded his own engineering consulting firm near his home town and family farms in Saint-Césaire, Québec. Consultants Lemay & Choinière Inc. has grown from one to 25 full time employees. The firm handles over 300 client-files per year, in Québec, Ontario and other countries. Over the years, the team presented a total of 1000 requests for a Certificate of authorization and managed the construction of agricultural buildings.

Yves has also been active as a liaison person and in organizing events for the CSBE/SCGAB. He was awarded the CSAE/SCGB Young Engineer of the Year in 1991, and the John Turnbull award (2003), he has received other awards including two publication awards from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Consultants Lemay & Choinière Inc. received the Industry award in 2010 as well. Yves served as President of CSBE 2004- 2005. Yves is leading a great and full life with his spouse and their four children.

Le rang de Fellow CSBE/SCGAB est décerné à Yves Choinière, ing., Agr., P. Eng., pour sa contribution exceptionnelle à l'enseignement, à la recherche et au service professionnel dans l'ingénierie des structures et des systèmes agricoles. Yves a débuté sa carrière d'ingénieur agricole comme ingénieur régional au sein du ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Alimentation et des Affaires rurales de l'Ontario en 1984. Basé au Collège Alfred de technologie agricole et alimentaire, il a assumé des tâches d'enseignement, de vulgarisation et de recherche. Il est vite devenu le spécialiste provincial en matière de planification à la ferme et en santé-sécurité agricole.

Tout en acquérant de l'expérience de travail, il a obtenu en 1991 un diplôme de maîtrise en génie civil. Yves a été un membre actif dans plusieurs comités de consultation et il a participé au développement et aux projets de recherche avec les Collèges de technologie agricole ontarien, l’Université de Guelph et Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada. Ses travaux sur la ventilation naturelle des bâtiments d'élevage sont reconnus internationalement.

En 1995, il fonde sa propre entreprise de génie-conseil près de sa ville natale et des exploitations familiales à Saint-Césaire, Québec. Consultants Lemay & Choinière Inc. est passé de 1 à 25 employés à temps plein. La société gère plus de 300 clients-dossiers par année, au Québec, en Ontario et dans d'autres pays. Au fil des ans, l'équipe a soumis un total de 1000 demandes de certificat d'autorisation et a supervisé la construction de plusieurs bâtiments agricoles.

Yves a également été actif en tant que personne-ressource et lors d’organisation d'événements pour la CSBE/SCGAB. Il a reçu le Prix CSAE/SCGB Jeune ingénieur de l'année en 1991 et le prix John Turnbull en 2003. Il a reçu plusieurs autres distinctions, dont deux prix de publication de l’ASABE. Consultants Lemay & Choinière Inc. a aussi reçu le Prix de l'industrie CSBE/SCGAB en 2010. Yves fut président de la CSBE/SCGAB en 2004-2005. Yves profite pleinement de la vie avec son épouse et ses quatre enfants.

2014 Fellow Award

atkinsCSBE/SCGAB FELLOW RICHARD (RICK) P. ATKINS, M.Sc. P Eng, Branch Head, Technology and Innovation Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, is being honored for his leadership, management and contributions to the bioengineering profession through a career in extension, programming, research and development in direct support of sustainable and competitive agriculture.
Being born and raised on a mixed farm in Alberta, Rick has a strong, practical connection to the agricultural industry. As a leader, manager, professional engineer, mentor and educator he has dedicated his career to making significant difference in the industry. His technical expertise has evolved from power and machinery to livestock engineering, farm water, irrigation, on-farm processing, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental engineering.

Rick’s ability to adapt to emerging agricultural issues and focus efforts on industry needs has been a key area of success. The on-going development and empowerment of his staff has served his work units well in their ability to adapt and survive the cyclical nature of government programming and budgeting.

A key principle of his leadership has been the importance of extension and follow-through to the end user. This has ensured the relevance of accomplished work and the adoption of new technologies and practices in keeping the industry competitive. Building strong relationships is a key success factor towards achieving outcomes and leveraging resources (expertise, funding and infrastructure). His systems approach to solving problems has led to partnerships with universities, colleges, applied research organizations, industry associations, producer groups, municipalities, federal agencies, and other ministries. As a result of these experiences and his approach, Rick has had successful impact on policy development, development of government strategies and program implementation.

Rick has been a member of CSBE/SCGAB and ASABE for 37 years and has been a participant in many of the CSBE/SCGAB and ASABE meetings and conferences, and ASABE regional meetings. Rick has also served two terms as Alberta Regional Director for CSBE/SCGAB.  Previous awards include PNW Region ASABE Engineer of the Year, the CSBE/SCGAB Glen Downing Award and internal ministry recognition awards for his management and leadership abilities. In addition he has been a member of APEGA for 35 years and continues to employ and mentor young engineers in the area of bioengineering.

The CSBE/SCGAB Grade of Fellow is awarded to Rick for his leadership, management and contributions to the bioengineering profession through a career in extension, programming, research and development in direct support of a sustainable and competitive agricultural industry. 

2013 Fellow Award

sankatProfessor Clement Sankat is nominated for his contributions to engineering for agricultural, food and biological systems over 37 years as a member of CSBE/SCGAB and 33 years ASABE through Teaching, Research, Development and Public service specifically in the area of Post-harvest Technology, Processing of Tropical Crops and Food Engineering and Managing Innovations, service to engineering profession in Caribbean nations and leadership role in various committees and organizations, particularly at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Professor Sankat has contributed significantly to the field of agricultural engineering. He grew up in Guyana SA. and with a combination of a strong farm and agronomic background, coupled with the formal training in engineering at the UWI in Trinidad and at the University of Guelph in Canada provided the basis for a very productive career in machinery design, post-harvesting and processing technology of tropical agricultural products worldwide. The technology developed for Nutmeg and Coconut processing, Crop Drying and Storage, Solar and Mixed Mode Drying, Osmotic Dehydration, Refrigerated and Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fruits and Vegetables, Storage of Root Crops, Salting and Drying of Fish, the processing and use of sugarcane bagasse and corn stover in ruminant feeding have been published with many commercialized and are finding their way into Government/Public policy formulation.

2013 Fellow Award

smallMr. Doug Small P.Eng., P.Ag. is the Vice-President and a Senior Design Engineer for DGH Engineering.

Mr. Small is recognized for over forty years of leadership in providing engineering services to commercial agriculture. Early in his career in the Extension Service with Manitoba Agriculture, he helped a then fledgling potato industry develop into a large and vibrant sector of the farm economy in Manitoba. He pioneered the development of potato storage systems and assisted with the development and evolution of planting and harvesting systems for a wide variety of specialty field crops.

In more recent years, Mr. Small has provided leadership in the development and implementation of guidelines and regulations that have successfully integrated intensive animal production systems into the crop production and nutrient management environment. Most recently he has had an active role in shaping the Manitoba Farm Building Code, insuring that producers interests are considered.