Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community.
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Jim Beamish Award

This award is given annually to the CSBE/SCGAB member who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has produced outstanding work in industry, teaching, research, or extension in the area of soil and water, or environmental sciences. The Alumni Committee of Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) sponsors the award. The recipient is selected from nominations from at least three members of CSBE/SCGAB and must have been a member of the Society for at least five years. The Jim Beamish Award was established in 1989 to honour the memory of Jim Beamish, the first president of CSBE/SCGAB and a long-time worker in soil and water, and water management.

Ce prix est décerné chaque année à un membre qui s'est distingué dans le domaine du sol et eau, ou en sciences environnementales par l'enseignment, la recherche, la vulgarisation ou le travail en industrie. Ce prix est commandité par le Comité des anciens du Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). Le récipiendaire du prix Jim-Beamish est choisi parmi les candidats mis en nomination par trois members et est membre de la SCGAB/CSBE depuis au moins cinq ans. Ce prix, établie en 1989, honore la mémoire du premier président de la SCGAB/CSBE, Monsieur Jim Beamish qui oeuvra longtemps au développement de la gestion de l'eau et des sols agricoles.

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2014 Jim Beamish Award

mckagueKEVIN MCKAGUE, CPESC, P.Eng. is the recipient of the CSBE 2014 Jim Beamish award in recognition of his dedication and contributions in soil and water conservation and environmental engineering spanning 30 years in both the private and public sectors.  He is currently the Rural Water Quality Engineer within the Environmental Management Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s, Food Safety and Environment Division.  

Kevin graduated from the University of Guelph in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering.  Immediately following graduation, he was employed as a soil conservation engineer by the Maitland Valley and Grand River Conservation Authorities.  There he practiced farm extension and on-farm research, encouraging local landowners in their efforts to plan and implement both engineering and agronomic forms of soil conservation practices.  In 1988, Kevin joined the private environmental consulting firm, Ecologistics Limited, where he managed numerous domestic and international soil and water related projects that promoted the sustainable use and protection of our soil and water resources.

In 1999, Kevin accepted employment with  the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) as an applied research specialist and rural water quality engineer.  During this same period, he also undertook graduate work, and received a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Guelph in 2003.  He has authored or co-authored a range of peer-reviewed papers pertaining to his research related to model use in assessing BMP effectiveness in improving soil and water quality.

Still with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Kevin continues to advise and work on a wide range of soil and water conservation issues.  He has been a long-time member of the NMAN development team, a software tool that helps producers manage their manure and fertilizer nutrients.  Recently, he led the adaptation of the USDA’s RUSLE2 (Revised Soil Loss Equation) soil loss prediction tool for use in the Ontario setting.  He also led in the development of OMAFRA’s Agricultural Erosion Control Structures design software (AgErosion).  This product encourages land improvement contractors to follow standardized designs for common agricultural erosion control structures built in the province.

Outside of work, Kevin has volunteered on a variety of projects and awareness events through Water Ambassadors Canada to help bring clean drinking water to rural communities in Central America.

Kevin is a long time member of CSBE/ASABE, a registered Professional Engineer, a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, and member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.  He has made an outstanding contribution in developing and promoting sound environmental practices in agricultural production, and is a worthy recipient for the 2014 CSBE Jim Beamish Award in soil and water. 

2013 Jim Beamish Award

enrightMr. Peter Enright is a dedicated University Lecturer and Director of the Farm Management and Technology Program since 2006. The Farm Management and Technology Program at McGill University is a threeyear agriculture program equivalent to a technology diploma offered by a CEGEP in the Province of Quebec. As Director, Peter takes great care of all his students and he has done a great job at managing the program and maintaining student recruitment. As Director of the program, Peter also liaises with the Ministries responsible for Agriculture and Education in Quebec concerning budgetary, academic, and reporting issues as well as program updates and revisions. For his research interest, he has long been at the forefront of research in watershed management in the Québec context and in particular small basin hydrology, water quality and water management in agriculture. Peter has developed skills in the design, construction, installation and monitoring of rainfall, runoff, stream flow and water quality measurement systems; measurement of soil and water quality parameters; and has worked in developing, testing, and modifying computer simulation models which describe the soil-water-plant environment. These models are used to identify non-point source pollution on small watersheds, and to evaluate the impacts of various best management practices. Although now, he assumes a more administrative responsibility, he is still very dedicated to the water and agricultural fields and as part of his teaching responsibilities he is ensuring the training of the next generations of agricultural specialists and farm managers are equipped to address soil and water quality issues in a sustainable manner. A long-time member of CSBE, he has attended many conferences at ASABE, NABEC and CSBE venues.

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