Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community. Please consider nominating a member.

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition - $500

Design and construction of a four-wheel-drive tractor taking into consideration the rules specified by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

Université Laval,  Équipe ULtrac – M. Deschenes, A. Desroches, A. Trottier, V. Lacasse, L. Lampron,  A. Voghell, L. Chapron, P. Desautels, J. Fréchette,  R. Leclerc

McGill University, Mutrac – A. Mescheder, A. Kaufman, A. Leak, A. Pille, A. Gleason, A. Herring, G. Fletcher, H. Macek, I. Karovitch, J. Smith, J. Lan, K. Simpson, R. del Sol Cook, S. MacDonald, S. McGuire

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION  Undergraduate Scholarship - $300

Recognizes academic excellence among student members of the Society.  The Scholarship is awarded each year to the student member of the Society with the highest GPA in the preceding semester.

University of Manitoba – S. Harris

McGill University – Ms. K. Trumpler

Université Laval – F. Santerre

Dalhousie University - C. Toombs


Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) -  $200

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering – H. M. Jahromi for his thesis entitled “Graded cellular structures: a strategy to tune the structural performance of cellular materials”. (Advisor: H. Akbarzadeh)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering - N. Gaj for his thesis entitled “An integrated approach to perforation analysis and design for corrugated drainage pipes”. (Advisor: C. Madramootoo)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering - J. J. Malard for his thesis entitled “Méthodes pour la modélisation dynamique des composantes socioéconomiques et biologiques des systèmes agricoles à petite echelle” (Co-Supervisors: J. Adamowski, H. Melgar-Quiñonez)

University of Manitoba – U. Edet for a thesis entitled “Design of an interface for remotely supervised autonomous agricultural sprayers” (Advisor: D. Mann)

University of Manitoba – H. Hsu for a thesis entitled “Multifunctional flexible conductive materials for supercapacitors and biosensors” (Advisor: W. Zhong).


Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - $200

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering – X. Dong for her thesis entitled “Effects of ultrasound and microwave processing on physiochemical and allergenic properties of shrimp”. (Advisor: V. Raghavan)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering – J. R. Spiers for his thesis “Deepsoil: A deep-learning framework for rapid low-cost estimation of soil particle size distributions from digital mic”. (Advisor: V. Adamchuk)

Dalhousie University – P. Hennessy for his thesis “Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Weed Identification in Wild Blueberry Production”. (Advisor: T. Esau)

University of Manitoba – J. Rentz for a thesis entitled “The effects of the Portage Diversion on adjacent agricultural land” (Advisor: R. Sri Ranjan)

University of Manitoba  - M. Green for a thesis entitled “Measurement of latency during real-time video transmission for remote supervision of agricultural machines” (Advisors: D. Mann and E. Hossain).

Université Laval – M. Jacques for a thesis “Impacts de la sévérité du stress hydrique sur la réponse photosynthétique et le rendement de la pomme de terre/ Impacts of the severity of water stress on the photosynthetic response and yield of potato” (Advisors: S. José Gumiere and J. Gallichand).

The University of Guelph – A. Goswami  for a thesis “ The Evaluation of Statistical Models in Water Quality Constituents Load Estimation in Southern Ontario, Canada”. (Advisors: P. Daggupati and R. Rudra).


Undergraduate Awards - $100

Université Laval - Undergraduate Design ProjectM. Guillemette; D. Patry; V. Richard for a project « Conception d'un procédé de valorisation des sous-produits provenant de la culture de choux de Bruxelles / Design of a process for valuing by-products from the cultivation of Brussels sprouts ». (Advisor : M. Aider)

University of Manitoba -  L.  Bridgeman for a thesis entitled “Coaxial extrusion-based bioprinting of small blood vessels for clinical use: a comprehensive literature review” (Advisor: W. Zhong)

University of Manitoba - G.  Loewen for a thesis entitled “Universal and accessible design in video game controllers” (Advisors: J. Ripat, J. Paliwal)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering – J. Russell, I. Tazi and F. Caldera for a project entitled Optimizing Liquid Fertilizer Bioreactor for Dynamic Hydroponic Systems” (Advisor: C. Madramootoo)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering – A. Bucci, K. Pantemis, L. Corbeil-Phillips, and R. Martinez for a project entitled « Cellulose-based hygienic flushable wipes » (Advisors: M. Lefsrud and C. Madramootoo)