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Manitoba University Faculty news and ASABE ¼ Scale Tractor Competition

The Department of Biosystems Engineering has admitted 35 new undergraduate students to the Biosystems Engineering program to start the 2012-2013 academic year.

Several staff members have reached milestones in terms of service to the University of Manitoba. David Levin – 5 years; Jason Morrison – 5 years; Nazim Cicek – 10 years; Derek Inglis – 10 years; and Robert Lavallee – 30 years.

Dr.Stefan Cenkowski was awarded the “2012 CSBE Fellow”, and Dr.Jitendra Paliwal was recognized with the “Young Engineer of the year” award for their outstanding contributions to the agricultural, food and biological engineering at the CSBE/SCGAB-NABEC Joint Conference,Orillia,ON.

Idris Adelakun, M.Sc. student in Biosystems Engineering, received a First Place Poster Competition Award at the CSBE/SCGAB-NABEC Joint Conference, Orillia, ON for the poster entitled "Design of a Reusable Multilevel-TDR Probe for Measuring Soil Water Content."

Nathan Bartel, Jayaru Pallimulla Geeganage, Stacey Hildebrand, Vanessa Krahn, Amy La won “Undergraduate design project award”, Amy La was awarded with the “Best undergraduate thesis” and Mahesh Sivakumar won “Best Graduate thesis award” at the CSBE/SCGAB-NABEC Joint Conference,Orillia,ON.

 Idris Adelakun, M.Sc student in Biosystems Engineering, received a Second Place Poster Competition Award at the Manitoba Soil Science Society Annual General Meeting inWinnipeg,MB on February 3 for the poster entitled "Design of a Multilevel Time Domain Reflectometry Probe for Measuring Soil Water Content at Different Depths." 

“ASABE ¼ Scale Tractor Competition” – Report from the University of Manitoba’s team

The first day, Thursday, was hectic. It rained with cold gusty winds all day. Thank goodness we had the awning and tent and a few tarps to help keep a little dry. But the only way you could warm up was under the hand dryers in the washroom. Most days we stayed at the grounds from around 7am until 10pm. We missed tech'ing in our original time slot in order to finish the tractor for tech'ing first thing Friday morning.

Friday was better. More sunshine. Got through tech with few issues. And design judging and maneuverability went well.

Saturday we did some practice pulls and ended up twisting our stainless steel frame during the actual unballasted pull. So Saturday evening we stayed at the grounds until 11pm reinforcing the frame. Thank goodness we had a little wiggle room for weight. We also helped out a couple other teams, and thank goodness we did because they were able to participate in the ballasted pulls on Sunday.

Sunday we did both ballasted pulls. And the "guts" pull, which means you put as much weight and ballast on and try to break the tractor. We ended up twisting the frame so much that it sat on the front axle, and we seemed to have challenged our front differential as it has been clicking ever since.

Overall we placed 12th out of 27 registered teams. We placed 10th in the written report an improvement from last year but still an area we hope to improve on.  We placed 22nd in the presentation. Obviously that is the area requires a considerable work next year.  We placed 13th in design judging and 7th in maneuverability (a significant improvement from last year when we were eliminated for going over the time limit).  The best result was 4th in the pulls. 


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