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Manitoba Regional News - Winter 2013

CSBE Membership Information Session


Manitoba section of CSBE, Biosystems Engineering Graduate Students’ Association (BEGSA) and Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba jointly organized a “membership information session” for graduate and under graduate students on March 1st, 2013. Totally 28 graduate and under graduate students attended this session. The session started with lunch and refreshments, along with informal conversation with Dennis Hodgkinson, President, DGH Engineering, and Vice- President (Industries), CSBE, Dr. Qiang Zhang, Professor, Department of Biosystems Engineering and President, CSBE and Dr. Danny Mann, Head, Department of Biosystems Engineering. Dennis delivered a guest speech about potential employment opportunities for biosystems engineers, and importance of professional networking through CSBE for their professional development and job search. Dr. Zhang talked about CSBE membership and its benefits, and Dr. Mann, Head, Department of Biosystems Engineering explained about the benefits of CSBE membership during their student life and importance of continuing with our society after graduation. Students were actively involved in the conversation about our society’s role in their career development, and expressed their expectations from CSBE. Most of the students indicated that, similar kind of industry networking events through CSBE in regular basis will help to increase the value of our society and also improve students’ involvement in our society activities. Some student showed their interest to become members of CSBE and new member applications were distributed. The whole session lost for about two hours, and ended with a small gift to Dennis from BEGSA and CSBE. The students expressed that, the session helped them to understand the CSBE membership benefits and the role of professional network for their carrier development. From our society point of view, we felt that this session really helped us to understand students’ expectation from our society and the way to improve student engagement in our society activities. I want to express my sincere thanks to Warren Blunt, President, BEGSA and Dr. Mann for their help in organizing this information session.

Department of Biosystems Engineering News

Dr. Digvir Jayas was invited to present a Keynote address during the International Conference of Agricultural Engineering organized by Sultan Quaboos University, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on February 24-26, 2013; his talk was entitled “Preserving ingredients for producing high quality food products.”

Dr. Myron (Ron) Britton officially retired as a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba on December 31, 2012. As of January 1, 2013 he became a Senior Scholar in the Faculty, an appointment that provides him with an on-campus office and allows him to maintain his involvement with teaching and research.


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