As of May 2012, our CSBE/SCGAB membership was 642. Of which 173 were undergraduate students, 74 graduate students and 395 full members. The number is within the fluctuating average of the society, up from the 585 of 2011 and down from the 673 number of 2010.

Throughout the year, there have been a number of telephone conferences with the Membership Development Committee of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). As a highlight of the activities this year, ASABE retained the services of McKinley Advisors to conduct a survey about its membership and the engagement of faculty and student in the society. The objective of this project was to identify an action plan for ASABE to help in the recruiting and retention of its members. The conclusions of this survey identified certain strengths (youthful enthusiasm in the student activities of the Society; the longstanding history of the Society) and weaknesses (conflicts of identity in branding agricultural versus biological; lack of public awareness (potential employers) as to what a biological engineer can do).

Based on the word cloud generated from the student survey, the Society would be advised to address the issues related to its recognition and its brand and further consolidate its industrial and community relationships and networks.

At the May 2012 meeting, the Membership committee discussed on ASABE’s 2012 Strategic Priorities, where the Society will work at enhancing the image of ASABE to other professional societies, the public, and the profession and will target to build cohesion within the Society to ensure a pride of belonging.    


Student Word Cloud (McKinley Advisors)

Published in VP Membership Report