This was the second year for me on the Council. Just as during the first year of my mandate, I took care this year of being the link between regional directors and the society members. This link is currently done by publication of news in the Perspectives Newsletter. This year, four newsletters were published and it was a pleasure for me to collect and assemble all the news in order to transmit them to society members.

The publication of the Perspectives newsletter requires the assistance of several people like regional directors. Indeed, they are responsible of contacting members located in their area in order to get relevant news for publication. I would like to thank all of them for the time granted to this task. A special thank goes to President Ron MacDonald and Secretary Ali Madani for their help in the Perspectives newsletter publication.

I would finally take this opportunity to invite all members to submit any relevant news to their regional directors or directly on our website: www.bioeng.ca

Published in VP Regional Report