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Annual Report 2010-2011: President-Elect Ron MacDonald

As per duties as outlined in the Procedures and Operations Manual:

  • As a member of Council for one year prior to taking office as President, attend Council meetings.

due to prior commitments, but was able to attend all teleconference calls

  • Serve as member of the Nominating Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has not been convened in a few years. Most offices are by appointment.

  • Serve as member of the By-Laws Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has been non-functioning since there have been no bylaw changes recently and when there were the Secretary did them.

  • Serve as chair of the Education Committee.

This committee has been non-functioning. It may be that there is no need to have such a committee, as the AGM takes that role on

  • Receive reports from the Education Committee and the Awards Committee and report to Council for them.

As the Education has not been formed for several years, there were no reports. As a member of the Awards committee since 2006, I recall the announcement being conducted by the Chair of the Awards committee, which is appropriate.

  • Carry out a forward planning process and develop plans to deal with short and long-term concerns to CSBE/SCGAB. Issue areas to consider are publicity, services, programs, student involvement, promotion of regional activities; relations with affiliate societies and policy. Ad hoc committees should be struck as required.
    • Initiated planning a joint meeting with NABEC in Barrie Ontario, 2012 AGM
    • Reviewed Strategic Plan document formulated at the 2007 AGM. Needs review by council.
    • Immediate issues of interest for the coming year:
      • Review of Awards, including numbers of awards, # of nominees, etc.
      • Determining how to increase membership of Food Processing engineers
      • Looking at other niche engineering areas and determining how to approach these possible members
      • Lessons Learned; the Secretary: management and administration vs. Strategic Planning Executive Director
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Martin Belzile

Martin Belzile a complété un baccalauréat en génie rural de l'Université Laval en 2000 et termine actuellement une maîtrise en génie agroalimentaire de la même université. Martin Belzile est à l’emploi de l’IRDA depuis 2004 où il occupe le poste de professionnel de recherche. Son travail consiste à assister des chercheurs lors de la réalisation de projets de recherche, de l'étape d'élaboration de protocoles jusqu'à la rédaction du rapport final, en passant par le suivi de projet et l'analyse des résultats. Les projets dans lesquels il est impliqué touchent la mesure de la qualité de l'air et les bilans de rejets provenant d'infrastructures de production animale.

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