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Annual report 2010-2011: Treasurer

Audited Results to December 31, 2010

Thornton and Company's audit shows: assets of $169,468 differing from year end cash balance only by a small allowance for accounts (-audit page 8) receivable and a proportion of prepaid membership expenses in other organizations, with Liabilities of $6,707 for accounts payable

Cash flow results

Reporting on a cash flow Basis Revenue for 2010 was $528,242 while expenditures were $448,064, leaving a year end cash balance of $170,404. This is a welcome anomalous effect of the 2010 Quebec CIGR revenues and the great work of the CIGR conference organisers. Typically revenues in a year when there is an AGM convention with presentations would be in the order of $100,000 while expenditures would be around $70,000 on a cash flow basis. Though AGM's on either coast can tend not to be profitable.

Member ship fees brought in $26,161 as compared to $31,435 in 2009. Some management fees and salaries from 2010 may only have been invoiced in 2011 and will show up in the 2011 annual audit. The current cash balance improvement year over year (2009 FY $114,061, 2110 FY $170,403) should not be expected to continue on a sustainable basis, instead $5000 to $3000 may be expected. This gives the CSBE executive some additional manoeuvring room but does not allow for a continuing full service paid Society Management team unless the executive and membership wish to take on the business of hosting International conventions every 2 years - as was so ably done by the Quebec members.

The 2110 cash balance sheet and the Financial audit can be found on the CSBE website under the Publications menu item, CSBE documentation, Financial reports and audits


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Martin Belzile

Martin Belzile a complété un baccalauréat en génie rural de l'Université Laval en 2000 et termine actuellement une maîtrise en génie agroalimentaire de la même université. Martin Belzile est à l’emploi de l’IRDA depuis 2004 où il occupe le poste de professionnel de recherche. Son travail consiste à assister des chercheurs lors de la réalisation de projets de recherche, de l'étape d'élaboration de protocoles jusqu'à la rédaction du rapport final, en passant par le suivi de projet et l'analyse des résultats. Les projets dans lesquels il est impliqué touchent la mesure de la qualité de l'air et les bilans de rejets provenant d'infrastructures de production animale.

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