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Secretary/Manager report

Many of you are aware that I am the Secretary-Manager for the Society. It is my great pleasure to serve in this position. I encourage you as a Society member to actively participate in the CSBE/SCGAB to ensure its continued growth and vitality. Please contact me if I can provide you with issues related to the Society. I am listing the complete formal duties of the Secretary-Manager of the Society.

Duties of the Secretary (Society Manager)...

  • Serve as the office liaison with affiliate societies.
  • Report election results to Council and the annual business meeting.
  • File an annual summary with the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada.
  • Preserve all documents of the Society except those assigned to other officers or committees.
  • Carry out general secretarial duties including keeping of committee lists, bringing appropriate documents to meetings and correspondence.
  • Record the minutes of Council meetings and the annual business meeting and distribute the minutes to Council members within one month of the meeting.
  • Provide committee chairs with a list of their committee members and any necessary papers and instructions.
  • Carry on correspondence for the Society.
  • Serve as the office liaison with ASABE office.
  • Report to Council and the Annual Business Meeting on election results.
  • Receive reports from all committee chairs.
  • Publish the PNL only, no written contributions expected.
  • Pay Society expenses.
  • Arrange for preparation of auditors report for AGM.
  • Receive all By-law changes but not responsible for making the changes.
  • Publish and supply in quantity the Awards Booklet to the AGM.
  • Publish the CBEJ (Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal) when finalized by the Editor.
  • Deliver the CBEJ and invoice the authors for page charges.
  • Serve as Secretary-Treasurer for the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation.
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Ali Madani

Secretary/Manager of CSBE

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