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Annual Report from Webmaster René Morissette


During last year, the website maintains a steady flow of visitors: about 1400 with 65 % of new visitors every month. Most popular sections were the home page, the NABEC-CSBE 2012 conference portal, publications, events and members sections. We mainly have visitors from Canada and United-States but also from India, Iran, France, UK, Japan, China and Germany. Foreign people generally consult Events and Publications sections of the web site.

We also launch the “I AM BioEng” campaign to promote what the Society brings to its members by posting testimonials. Testimonials show the quality of meetings, new collaboration opportunities and a source of technical information were the main benefits of being a CSBE/SCGAB member. Thanks to Grant Clark, Philippe Savoie, Edwards McKeys and Viacheslav I. Adamchuk for their contribution!

A new Advertising section was created to post ads from members and non-members. If you want to advertise for services, products or events, please contact us. We offer different levels of visibility according to your needs and budget. More information will be available soon on our website. http://www.bioeng.ca/home/ads

In my last report, I offered the opportunity to members to have a technical blog on the web site after some members requested this option (http://www.bioeng.ca/members/blogs). Since then, nobody contact me to contribute. So if some of you still want to post technical information about our profession or your domain, don’t hesitate to contact me!

A note about the website online community: the community is slowly growing but still not very active. I would say: don’t ask for what the Society can do for you but what YOU can do for the Society. Don’t wait for asking to members information publicly; this can help to know more about each other! And it’s almost the same on CSBE Facebook page: about no interaction within members on topics posted. But I’m optimistic so I would expect more contribution from the Society members for next year.

I will be in Orillia for the CSBE-NABEC conference next July so if you want to discuss about the Society website (or any other topic!), it will be a pleasure to meet you!

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René Morissette

Research Engineer for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Québec City research centre. Mainly working on forage harvesting and conservation, biomass combustion. CSBE webmaster since 2008. Part-time webdesigner.

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