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Webmaster report - Fall 2012

A lot of changes are coming up for the CSBE/SCGAB website! A major upgrade is in progress at the moment to maintain a high level of security and to improve general functionality. Several decisions were made to provide a better communication experience for Society members: some features will be removed and some great new features will be added. The launch of the new website is planned for January 2013 under a brand new domain name: www.csbe-scgab.ca. Note that the current domain name (www.bioeng.ca) will remain active.

CSBE online community

CSBE hosts a private online professional community on its website at http://www.bioeng.ca/members/community. About 200 people (Society members and non-members) have registered since 2010 but the activity level and interactions are very low. Also, the community framework needs frequent monitoring and maintenance, so less time was available to manage the community itself. For these reasons, the online community platform will be closed at the launch of the new website next January. Your member account on the website will remain active, but your detailed profile and posts will no longer exist. I invite members to connect together on Facebook and on the upcoming LinkedIn group.

Journal and meetings papers directory

Our scientific publications directory includes more than 800 peer-reviewed papers from the Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal and 1700 conference papers. This content is openly available for free. To improve search engine optimization and to make metadata (title, authors, abstract, keywords, etc.) available to harvesters, our directory will be made compliant with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. This protocol will extend the exposure and the value of our publications to the worldwide scientific community and to the public as well. We expect this to significantly enhance the rating of our Journal. This is one of several measures we are taking toward faster and better sharing of our online content.

If you wish to contribute to the success of our Journal, we urgently need more reviewers, to help reduce delays between manuscript submission and final publication. Please contact the Journal editor, Ranjan Sri Ranjan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want to get involved.

Conference registration

A new conference registration system will be integrated into the website to replace the current one. This new version has a sleeker user interface, an intuitive step-by-step registration process, more options, and an up-to-date online payment gateway.

Communication committee

A work group was created after last summer’s meeting to push forward our strategy for communication with our current and potential members. This group includes Ron MacDonald (chair, past-president), René Morissette (webmaster), and Bill Van Heyst (Ontario Regional Director).  The principle tasks will be to make original and new content available to members through our website and social media, and to use better communication tools (e.g. a more efficient mass e-mailing system) to make this content more convenient to access.

Visit our website to get connected with bioengineering students and professionals!

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René Morissette

Research Engineer for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Québec City research centre. Mainly working on forage harvesting and conservation, biomass combustion. CSBE webmaster since 2008. Part-time webdesigner.

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