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Congratulation to Vijaya Raghavan

At the 130th Anniversary of the Society held in Ottawa during Nov. 16-18, 2012 ASABE/ CSBE Fellow Vijaya Raghavan was inducted as Fellow of Royal Society of Canada (RSC).


Professor Raghavan of Department of Bioresource Engineering of McGill University studies and develops pre- and post-production technologies and processes for growing and handling crops and horticultural produce. His work on soil management, controlled environment storage, drying, and thermal processing have led to the development of technologies and techniques that are being applied in developmental work in India and potentially in Africa to address issues of food security and safety, and poverty.

The Fellowship of the RSC was awarded on the basis of this body of work which is still on-going, and also on his current research on dimensional analysis of microbial fuel cells for the purpose of scale-up, controlled use of physical stresses on produce to induce increased production and content of bioactive components with health beneficial properties, microwave-assisted pyrolysis of different lignocellulosic materials for the production of high quality biochar, development of a method for microwave pasteurization of in-shell eggs, and the mathematical modeling and use of a double-pipe helical heat exchanger system. Dr Raghavan has also recently started work on the electrohydrodynamic drying and processing of produce.


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