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Annual Report from Manitoba Regional Director 2012-2013


Manitoba Region membership 2012-13 roster consists of 137 members, out of which 82 are student members (71 under-graduate and 11 graduate students).



Manitoba section of CSBE/SCGAB jointly organized a “membership information session” for graduate and under graduate students along with Biosystems Engineering Graduate Students’ Association (BEGSA) and Department of Biosystems Engineering at University of Manitoba on March 1st, 2013. Totally 28 graduate and under graduate students attended this session. Dennis Hodgkinson, President, DGH Engineering, and Vice- President (Industries), CSBE, Dr. Qiang Zhang, Professor, Department of Biosystems Engineering, and President, CSBE,  Dr. Danny Mann, Head, Department of Biosystems Engineering attended this season, and explained about the benefits of CSBE membership, professional networking through CSBE for professional development potential employment opportunities and importance of continuing with our society after graduation. Students were actively involved in the conversation about our society’s role in their career development, and expressed that regular events from CSBE will help them to engage more with the society. Four graduate students submitted their new member application forms in this information season and they obtained their CSBE and ASABE membership on May 7, 2013.

As a part of creating awareness about biological engineering to school students, CSBE/SCGAB Manitoba section sponsored two awards at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium 2013. Tooba Razi (grade 7) and Keisha Mendoza (grade 11) won this year's CSBE/SCGAB awards in the intermediate and senior categories, respectively.

Department of Biosystems Engineering Highlights

Dr. Myron (Ron) Britton, a long time member of CSBE, officially retired as a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba on December 31, 2012. He was appointed as a Senior Scholar in the Faculty from January 1, 2013, which provides him with an on-campus office and allows him to maintain his involvement with teaching and research.

The University of Manitoba Quarter-Scale Tractor Team placed 4th in pulling, 7th in maneuverability, and 13th in design judging at the 2012 IQS Tractor Competition which was hosted by ASABE in Peoria, Illinois on May 31- June 3, 2012.

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