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Annual Report from Manitoba Regional Director 2013-2014

The main duties of the regional director are: encouraging suitable candidates from our Manitoba respective region to apply for CSBE membership, working with university representatives on student recruitment, meet with students early in the academic year to make them aware of CSBE/SCGAB and its objectives, organize regional activities on an annual basis, recruit a committee to help in regional activities, and act as general contact person for CSBE/SCGAB in the Manitoba region. At the start of this year, I set my goals as:
  • Organize a networking event along with orientation to the new students of Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba.
  • Forming an organizing committee to work on regional activities.
  • Develop a plan to organize professional development activity for CSBE members.
  • Identifying potential professional associations in the province for collaboration to conduct regional activities.  

Orientation and networking BBQ at Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba was organized for new graduate and undergraduate students on October 1st, 2013 by Manitoba section of CSBE, Biosystems Engineering Graduate Students’ Association (BEGSA), Manitoba section of CSBE Undergraduate Student Chapter, and Department of Biosystems Engineering.  The total attendance for this event was 94, which include graduate and undergraduate students, academic members of department of Biosystems engineering and industry members. The session started with the a talk by Dr. Danny Mann, head of the department about introduction to department of Biosystems engineering, followed by a presentation about academic writing and publication by Dr. SriRanjan, Editor, Canadian Biosystems Engineering.  Chella Vellaichamy, Manitoba regional director talked about CSBE membership and its benefits to students during and after their academic life; and distributed membership applications. Totally 22 new students attended this orientation program were joined with current enrolled students, academic staffs, and 3 industrial member for the BBQ event at 6:30pm. 

Local organizing committee to help regional director to conduct regional activities has been formed with 6 members. The members of this committee are:

1.      Chella Vellaichamy (Regional director)
2.      Dr. Danny Mann (Head of department of Biosystems engineering),
3.      Ravikanth Lankapalli (Graduate student, Department of Biosystems engineering)
4.      Steven Murray (Undergraduate student, Department of Biosystems engineering)
5.      Annette Kroeker (Bulher Versatile Inc.)
6.      Prabal Gosh (Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative)

A tentative plan has been laid out to organize a workshop series (3 to 4 workshops) for the members in Fall 2014 and Winter 2015. A membership information session will be organized in September 2014 at university of Manitoba to advertise about our society to the new students.

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