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Annual Report from Alberta Regional Director 2013-2014

The past year has been a fairly busy one. After my inauguration into office as regional director for Alberta, at the 2013 CSBE Conference and AGM held in Saskatoon in July last year, the following tasks have been completed:

Council Activities

Eight council meetings have been held to date of which I have attended seven. Early on in the CSBE year (2013/14), all council members were requested to submit an individual plan of action for the upcoming year to the president. Four goals were outlined for Alberta namely: Establish regional committee; Connect with professional organizations such as Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA); Publish an article in quarterly editions of CSBE’s Perspectives newsletter; Organize two lecture series related to bioengineering.

Membership Committee Activities

Two committee meetings have been held to date. Regional directors were requested to submit a plan detailing regional events that would be held in the CSBE year. Details of the plan included: Organizers of the event; Target participants; Expected date(s); Objectives of the event; and Budget estimate. Regional directors were notified that the CSBE had funds to support planned regional events.

2014 ASABE and CSBE/SCGAB Annual International Meeting - Planning Activities

The regional director participated in two joint local and national arrangements committee meetings to discuss how CSBE could support efforts towards the hosting of the 2014 event in Montreal. Participation as a regional director was voluntary and was seen as a learning opportunity, considering the fact that Alberta will be hosting the 2015 CSBE Conference and AGM.

Regional Advisory Committee

A regional advisory committee comprised of 7 professional members and one student member was formed in September, 2013. The committee participated in discussions pertaining to the 2015 CSBE AGM and Conference, CSBE Alberta Lecture Series and CSBE awards nominations via two teleconferences and by email correspondence. The regional committee members and non-committee members were also active in hosting the lecture series.

CSBE Alberta Winter and Spring Lecture Series

The CSBE Alberta inaugural lecture series entitled, “Bioresource Engineering - Advancing Alberta’s Bioenergy Platform”, was held in Edmonton on January 28, 2014. Forty-five people were in attendance, including 12 CSBE professional members, 2 CSBE students and 9 non-CSBE students.

A second lecture series entitled, ”Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy and the Role of Bioresource Engineering”, was held in Calgary on June 04, 2014. Twenty-seven people were in attendance, including 7 CSBE professional members. Two non-CSBE students were also in attendance.

Both events were widely advertised across the province courtesy of APEGA, Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA), Alberta Water Portal, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, etc.

2015 CSBE Conference & AGM

The 2015 conference and AGM will be held in July in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the past year effort has been made to secure a host venue in the “City of Champions”. In addition, Rick Atkins (CSBE Fellow) has been appointed chair of the local arrangements committee (LAC). Planning activities of the LAC will commence after the 2014 ASABE & CSBE/SCGAB annual international meeting in Montreal in July.

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Ikechukwu Edeogu

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Technology Development Engineer
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Phone: 780-415-2359
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