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Annual Report from Vice-President (Membership) 2013-2014

I took on this position in July 2013 at the annual meeting held in Saskatoon. While I’m still learning the job requirements, it has been a good experience to date.

I did participate in 5 of the 6 regularly scheduled CSBE-SCGAB Council meetings held during the year and represented CSBE-SCGAB on the ASABE Membership Council with one teleconference meeting and several email contacts.

All of the Agricultural/Biological/Biosystems Engineering departments were contacted and asked to consider our various awards for student design projects and thesis awards through CSBE and the CSBE Foundation. To date (May 21) only Laval University and University of Guelph have submitted student winners.

Regarding membership numbers for the CSBE-SCGAB we are in decline and may wish to develop some strategies to address this situation.

Membership Statistics:                       

  • September 2013: 660 paid members including students
  • March 2014: 445 paid members including 63 students
  • May 2014: 570 paid members including 128 students    

The unpaid membership was contacted via email during April 2014 and as you can see we did encourage a good number to continue their membership in the organization. However, the paid membership is still down by approximately 14%. 

I did develop a set of personal goals for this position on council but was only partially successful in meeting them. Hopefully I will be more successful next year. 

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