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Annual Report from Webmaster 2014-2015

Revamped Awards Section

The Awards section (http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/csbe/awards) was redesigned to give more exposure to award recipients. On the main page, a general introduction is shown with a dynamic mosaic of the 2014 Award recipients. On the left, a first menu links visitors to each award description and form with full citations for recipients of this award. A second menu was also set to show award recipients by year. At this time, only 2014 and 2013 awards recipients were extracted from the booklet, previous years will come shortly.

CSBE LinkedIn group moves with EIC

For the benefit of our members, the CSBE LinkedIn group will join the LinkedIn network of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). A new sub-group has been established for this purpose within the EIC LinkedIn network. The current CSBE LinkedIn group has been closed on September 1st 2014. We invite all current CSBE LinkedIn members to join this new group.

Reorganization of the CSBE LinkedIn group in this way will give us access to a wider network of professionals, diversified employment offers and recent discussions in the field of engineering. The EIC Linked network has 570 members across Canada and includes LinkedIn sub-groups for the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering and Canadian Engineering Management. If you do not yet have a LinkedIn account, take advantage of this opportunity to create one.

Notice to current members of our LinkedIn group: your LinkedIn membership was not automatically transferred to the new group, which may explain you didn’t receive the discussions and comments posted there. You must join the group as a new member by following this link:


Annual General Meeting 2015 in Edmonton

I was involved in the meeting organization at different levels:

  • Installation and configuration of a paper submission system (OpenConf).
  • Configuration and maintenance of an event section on our website (http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/edmonton2015).
  • Configuration of the registration system with online payment.
  • Creation and configuration of a Paypal account to accept online and onsite payment.
  • Sending of several (7) emails to current and past members (list of about 1000 emails) through our newsletter platform.
  • Training of members of the committee for the use of the paper submission system and registration management (database, reports, Paypal).
  • Participation in committee’s meetings.
  • French translation of the Award citations.

Newsletters and Notices to members

A total of 9 newsletters and notices were sent between July 2014 and June 2015 to a list of 665 members. The opening rate is about 30 %.

  1. Invitation to submit your paper to CBE Journal (August 2014, AGM 2014 Canadian authors only (255))
  2. AGM 2014 special issue (August 2014)
  3. Summer Perspectives Newsletter (September 2014)
  4. ASABE 1st Climate Change Symposium: Extended Deadline (October 2015)
  5. Call for Nomination - CSBE Awards 2015 (November 2014)
  6. Fall Perspectives Newsletter (December 2014)
  7. Happy holidays from CSBE/SCGAB (December 2014)
  8. Winter Perspectives Newsletter (March 2015)
  9. Spring Perspectives Newsletter (June 2015)

Job posting

Careers section on our website was more active this year with 8 jobs posting compared to 4 in 2012-2013 and only 3 in 2013-2014. This mean our website (and Society) is a valuable place to announce opened positions and it is growing recognition of recruitment agencies.

Website statistics report

Between July 2014 and June 2015, CSBE website was visited 14578 times (1215 monthly average) with 39290 pages viewed. An average of 2.70 pages per visit with duration of about 2:29 minutes was met, which is 5% more than the previous year (about 13858 visits).

  • The audience was mainly English (74 %) and French (8 %) and came from Canada (53 %), USA (12 %), India (3 %) and many other countries (Brazil, China, Germany, Philippines…). 
  • Main traffic came from organic search (56 %), followed by direct access (24 %), site referral (18 %) and social media (1.7%).
  • Main pages/sections viewed were the home page, Edmonton 2015 portal, Publications, ASABE/CSBE joint meeting news, CBE Journal information page, Join CSBE, and Careers page.
  • Visitor browser preferences were Chrome (48 %), Internet Explorer (21 %), Firefox (18 %), and Safari (9 %). 89 % of visits were from a desktop/laptop station while 11 % were on mobile (phone and tablet). Last year, 8 % were on mobile devices.
  • Social media. About 242 visits were referred from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Research Gate…)
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