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Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:24

Annual Financial Report 2009-2010

The 2009 Audit is presented in abbreviated form on the following pages. No essential material is omitted. The full 2009 Audit with supporting documentation can be downloaded here:


Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:22

Québec Regional Report 2009-2010

Au cours de la dernière année, plusieurs membres de la SCGAB ont travaillé à la promotion et à l’organisation du congrès conjoint CIGR-SCGAB. Nos nombreuses démarches ont permis d’intéresser cinq autres associations à tenir leur congrès annuel simultanément. Ces groupes sont: Drainage Symposium, Infita, Ecological Engineer Annual Meeting and Nano Bioeng Symposium 2010. Au delà de 600 congressistes devraient être présents. Le site www. bioeng.ca/cigr2010/ est consacré à ce congrès international.

Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:20

Ontario Regional Report 2009-2010

No regional activity was arranged for the professional members of the Society this year. It may be good idea to think in this direction by all the regions so that some activity can be planned for society members. Other professional societies have considerable regional activities for its members.

A number of professional activities for biological engineering undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Guelph were arranged throughout the year through Biological Engineering Club working under ASABE/CSBE. A few industrial visits were arranged such as to Sleeman brewery and McNeil Consumer Products. Lectures/seminars were provided by invited speakers on various topics of interests.

Students visited high schools to present Biological engineering program and participated in other liaison activities such as open house and National Engineering week. In March 2010 they participated in College Royal, a university wide open house, where they presented biological engineering activities to visitors.

Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:17

Saskatchewan Annual Report 2009-2010

One highlight of the past year was the first Bioengineering Day jointly organized by the Department of Agricultural & Bioresource Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan section of CSBE last November 27th, 2009. Spearheaded by Prof. Ross Welford and Dr. Predicala, the goal of the event was to foster closer interaction and networking between industry professionals, society members, and students and academicians. More than 60 participants, including past graduates, industry representatives, students, parents, and college staff attended the event.

Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:11

Regional Report 2009-2010 – ALBERTA

TriticaleThe Canadian Triticale Biorefinery Initiative (CTBI) is developing triticale as a dedicated bio-industrial crop for Canada. Triticale is a man-made hybrid of wheat and rye which produces significant biomass material which could be used to produce chemicals, bio-based materials, fuel and energy. CTBI’s mission is to create industrial bioproducts and processes to establish triticale as an economically sustainable and key component of locally established biorefineries.

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