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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 10:30

Webmaster Annual Report 2015-2016

Last year was quite busy, especially with the Annual Conference in Halifax where a new system for paper submission and registration was implemented and more tasks were transferred to me. I managed the website as usual and I'm now looking for a major version update to ease future maintenance, enhance mobile compatibility, and improve security.

Annual General Meeting 2016 in Halifax

I was involved in the meeting organization at different levels:

  • Contracting, configuration, management, and support of the new system for paper submission and registrations (Conftool).
  • Configuration and maintenance of an event section on our website (http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/halifax2016).
  • Sending of several emails to current members (list of about 600 emails) through our mail server platform (Mailchimp) and to conference’s delegates and authors (through Conftool mail server).
  • Training of members of the committee for the use of the paper submission system and registration management (sessions, database, reports, Paypal, online invoices).
  • Updating the conference program (online and printed version).
  • Participation in committee’s meetings.

Newsletters and Notices to members

A total of 20 newsletters and notices were sent between July 2015 and June 2016 to a list of 605 members. The opening rate increased from 30% last year to nearly 40%. We now use the Mailchimp online service to send mass mail.

Executive Council Election

For the 3rd year, CSBE used the ElectionBuddy online service for Executive Council elections. With the help of Grant Clark (communication with nominees), the online system was set up and voting tokens sent out to members.

Website statistics report (www.csbe-scgab.ca)

Between June 2015 and June 2016, CSBE website was visited 16617 times (1384 monthly average) with 42000 pages viewed which is 15% more than the previous year (about 14500 visits). An average of 2.55 pages per visit with duration of about 2:15 minutes was met.

The audience was mainly English (70%) and French (8%) and came from Canada (53%), USA (10 %), China (8%), India (3%) and many other countries (Brazil, Germany, UK…). 

Main traffic came from organic search (53%), followed by direct access (27%), site referral (18%) and social media (1.2%).

Main pages/sections viewed were the home page, Halifax 2016 portal, Publications, Edmonton 2015 portal, CBE Journal information page, and Join CSBE page.

Visitor browser preferences were Chrome (49%), Safari (16%), Firefox (15%), and Internet Explorer (14%). 82 % of visits were from a desktop/laptop station while 15 % were on mobile (phone and tablet). Mobile access increases from previous years (11% in 2015, 8% in 2014).

Social Medias. About 200 visits were referred from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Research Gate…)

Help needed for Social Media management

My tasks as webmaster are mainly to manage the website, to publish the newsletter, and to assist the CSBE Council and the Conference LAC with online services. That said, I have only limited time to manage our Facebook and LinkedIn account. I would appreciate some help from one of our member who is comfortable with social media management. It’s a great opportunity to get involve in the CSBE. The time devoted to this activity is 2 to 3 hours per month.  This task involves:

  • Post news items, announcements and job opportunities on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Initiate discussions and interact with members online;
  • Manage access requests to our social media pages.

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to seize this opportunity!

Friday, 12 June 2015 13:34

Annual Report from Webmaster 2014-2015

Revamped Awards Section

The Awards section (http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/csbe/awards) was redesigned to give more exposure to award recipients. On the main page, a general introduction is shown with a dynamic mosaic of the 2014 Award recipients. On the left, a first menu links visitors to each award description and form with full citations for recipients of this award. A second menu was also set to show award recipients by year. At this time, only 2014 and 2013 awards recipients were extracted from the booklet, previous years will come shortly.

CSBE LinkedIn group moves with EIC

For the benefit of our members, the CSBE LinkedIn group will join the LinkedIn network of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). A new sub-group has been established for this purpose within the EIC LinkedIn network. The current CSBE LinkedIn group has been closed on September 1st 2014. We invite all current CSBE LinkedIn members to join this new group.

Reorganization of the CSBE LinkedIn group in this way will give us access to a wider network of professionals, diversified employment offers and recent discussions in the field of engineering. The EIC Linked network has 570 members across Canada and includes LinkedIn sub-groups for the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering and Canadian Engineering Management. If you do not yet have a LinkedIn account, take advantage of this opportunity to create one.

Notice to current members of our LinkedIn group: your LinkedIn membership was not automatically transferred to the new group, which may explain you didn’t receive the discussions and comments posted there. You must join the group as a new member by following this link:


Annual General Meeting 2015 in Edmonton

I was involved in the meeting organization at different levels:

  • Installation and configuration of a paper submission system (OpenConf).
  • Configuration and maintenance of an event section on our website (http://www.csbe-scgab.ca/edmonton2015).
  • Configuration of the registration system with online payment.
  • Creation and configuration of a Paypal account to accept online and onsite payment.
  • Sending of several (7) emails to current and past members (list of about 1000 emails) through our newsletter platform.
  • Training of members of the committee for the use of the paper submission system and registration management (database, reports, Paypal).
  • Participation in committee’s meetings.
  • French translation of the Award citations.

Newsletters and Notices to members

A total of 9 newsletters and notices were sent between July 2014 and June 2015 to a list of 665 members. The opening rate is about 30 %.

  1. Invitation to submit your paper to CBE Journal (August 2014, AGM 2014 Canadian authors only (255))
  2. AGM 2014 special issue (August 2014)
  3. Summer Perspectives Newsletter (September 2014)
  4. ASABE 1st Climate Change Symposium: Extended Deadline (October 2015)
  5. Call for Nomination - CSBE Awards 2015 (November 2014)
  6. Fall Perspectives Newsletter (December 2014)
  7. Happy holidays from CSBE/SCGAB (December 2014)
  8. Winter Perspectives Newsletter (March 2015)
  9. Spring Perspectives Newsletter (June 2015)

Job posting

Careers section on our website was more active this year with 8 jobs posting compared to 4 in 2012-2013 and only 3 in 2013-2014. This mean our website (and Society) is a valuable place to announce opened positions and it is growing recognition of recruitment agencies.

Website statistics report

Between July 2014 and June 2015, CSBE website was visited 14578 times (1215 monthly average) with 39290 pages viewed. An average of 2.70 pages per visit with duration of about 2:29 minutes was met, which is 5% more than the previous year (about 13858 visits).

  • The audience was mainly English (74 %) and French (8 %) and came from Canada (53 %), USA (12 %), India (3 %) and many other countries (Brazil, China, Germany, Philippines…). 
  • Main traffic came from organic search (56 %), followed by direct access (24 %), site referral (18 %) and social media (1.7%).
  • Main pages/sections viewed were the home page, Edmonton 2015 portal, Publications, ASABE/CSBE joint meeting news, CBE Journal information page, Join CSBE, and Careers page.
  • Visitor browser preferences were Chrome (48 %), Internet Explorer (21 %), Firefox (18 %), and Safari (9 %). 89 % of visits were from a desktop/laptop station while 11 % were on mobile (phone and tablet). Last year, 8 % were on mobile devices.
  • Social media. About 242 visits were referred from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Research Gate…)
Sunday, 15 June 2014 11:31

Annual Report from Webmaster 2013-2014

From September to October 2013, a collaboration with Fahimeh results in a new Newsletter format. It was decided that only the online HTML version will remains (no more PDF version) with an email containing all items sent to all of our members. Perspectives Newsletter is sent every 4 months to more than 750 engineers across Canada. However, PDFs of previous newsletter will still be available for download on the website. A living document was produced as guideline for VP Regional (Fahimeh) and Regional Directors about newsletter content and timeline.

Following the AGM in 2013, a report has been produced with a section about the registration system, communication and website-related issues.

Along with Philippe Savoie, nearly 10000 scientists and technicians worldwide were contacted by email regularly between September 2013 and June 2014 to promote Montréal’s ASABE/CSBE joint meeting in 2014. We hope this will have a positive impact on meeting international participation.

In February, a new splash page for the Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal was designed and published. This page provides a better overview of the journal structure and includes quick links to online papers, submission instructions, how to prepare a paper, submit and track your paper. Also, the 5 most recent papers title are shown along with the 5 most popular articles.


In March, the Council proposed to use an electronic voting system for Councillor’s elections. Several systems were tested and one was retained as a viable and reliable solution. A procedure was developed to guide the announcement of opened positions, the nomination of candidates, the election set up in the system with member’s database, and finally the election itself. The first electronic election result will be announced during the 2014 AGM for the President-Elect position. You are ALL invited to vote, it will only takes a few clicks!

Coming up soon: the CSBE/SCGAB LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Canadian-Society-Bioengineering-4804169) will become a sub-group of EIC LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/EIC-Engineering-Institute-Canada-ICI-4818149). This will allow us to reach more engineers (so increase your professional networking opportunities) and to increase the number of posts related to biosystem engineering thanks to group manager Diane Champagne. We will still have full access to administrate our group. However, this migration implies that our current followers will have to connect to our new sub-group; this database can’t be imported. Posts and discussions will be visible to everyone but membership will be moderated (no change). More information will be available soon about his change.

Monday, 17 June 2013 11:06

Annual Report from Webmaster 2012-2013

In 2012-2013, there were a lot of changes on the CSBE-SCGAB website. The main objectives of these changes were to give to members, and future members as well, a better browsing experience regardless of which device was used, to make information more accessible, and to improve security with an up-to-date management system. The website was totally revamped during last fall and launched in January 2013.

During the 2012 Annual Meeting, the Council approved the motion to change our domain name to improve relevancy and search engine optimization (SEO). The new domain name adopted was www.csbe-scgab.ca, which is also the official acronym for the Society. The previous domain bioeng.ca will remain active and act as a forwarder. The hosting also changed for a better performing one.

Major changes at-a-glance:

  • The home page was revamped to show the latest information in a shorter page, including a dynamic slideshow.
  • A special section named “What is Bioengineering” was created to showcase our profession. Texts are excerpts from ASABE Resources Magazine Nov/Dec 2012 issue and many pictures showing bioengineering applications come from CSBE-SCGAB members.
  • The CSBE hosted online community is not maintained anymore. We invite people to get connected through our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Note that user accounts on the old website were disabled and sensitive information has been withdrawn from our database.
  • Our publications directory hosts more than 800 peer-reviewed Journal papers and 1700 conference papers. The SEO has been improved to get higher exposure on search engines, especially on Google. We work continuously to improve the exposure of Journal papers.
  • A new event registration interface has been implemented to provide a better user experience and security.
  • Communication with members is vital for a Society like ours. A newsletter system has been configured to keep you up-to-date about Society activities.

I will be in Saskatoon next July for the CSBE technical conference, so if you want to discuss how the website can serve members, it would be a pleasure to meet you!

Thursday, 20 December 2012 10:23

Webmaster report - Fall 2012

A lot of changes are coming up for the CSBE/SCGAB website! A major upgrade is in progress at the moment to maintain a high level of security and to improve general functionality. Several decisions were made to provide a better communication experience for Society members: some features will be removed and some great new features will be added. The launch of the new website is planned for January 2013 under a brand new domain name: www.csbe-scgab.ca. Note that the current domain name (www.bioeng.ca) will remain active.

CSBE online community

CSBE hosts a private online professional community on its website at http://www.bioeng.ca/members/community. About 200 people (Society members and non-members) have registered since 2010 but the activity level and interactions are very low. Also, the community framework needs frequent monitoring and maintenance, so less time was available to manage the community itself. For these reasons, the online community platform will be closed at the launch of the new website next January. Your member account on the website will remain active, but your detailed profile and posts will no longer exist. I invite members to connect together on Facebook and on the upcoming LinkedIn group.

Journal and meetings papers directory

Our scientific publications directory includes more than 800 peer-reviewed papers from the Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal and 1700 conference papers. This content is openly available for free. To improve search engine optimization and to make metadata (title, authors, abstract, keywords, etc.) available to harvesters, our directory will be made compliant with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. This protocol will extend the exposure and the value of our publications to the worldwide scientific community and to the public as well. We expect this to significantly enhance the rating of our Journal. This is one of several measures we are taking toward faster and better sharing of our online content.

If you wish to contribute to the success of our Journal, we urgently need more reviewers, to help reduce delays between manuscript submission and final publication. Please contact the Journal editor, Ranjan Sri Ranjan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want to get involved.

Conference registration

A new conference registration system will be integrated into the website to replace the current one. This new version has a sleeker user interface, an intuitive step-by-step registration process, more options, and an up-to-date online payment gateway.

Communication committee

A work group was created after last summer’s meeting to push forward our strategy for communication with our current and potential members. This group includes Ron MacDonald (chair, past-president), René Morissette (webmaster), and Bill Van Heyst (Ontario Regional Director).  The principle tasks will be to make original and new content available to members through our website and social media, and to use better communication tools (e.g. a more efficient mass e-mailing system) to make this content more convenient to access.

Visit our website to get connected with bioengineering students and professionals!


During last year, the website maintains a steady flow of visitors: about 1400 with 65 % of new visitors every month. Most popular sections were the home page, the NABEC-CSBE 2012 conference portal, publications, events and members sections. We mainly have visitors from Canada and United-States but also from India, Iran, France, UK, Japan, China and Germany. Foreign people generally consult Events and Publications sections of the web site.

We also launch the “I AM BioEng” campaign to promote what the Society brings to its members by posting testimonials. Testimonials show the quality of meetings, new collaboration opportunities and a source of technical information were the main benefits of being a CSBE/SCGAB member. Thanks to Grant Clark, Philippe Savoie, Edwards McKeys and Viacheslav I. Adamchuk for their contribution!

A new Advertising section was created to post ads from members and non-members. If you want to advertise for services, products or events, please contact us. We offer different levels of visibility according to your needs and budget. More information will be available soon on our website. http://www.bioeng.ca/home/ads

In my last report, I offered the opportunity to members to have a technical blog on the web site after some members requested this option (http://www.bioeng.ca/members/blogs). Since then, nobody contact me to contribute. So if some of you still want to post technical information about our profession or your domain, don’t hesitate to contact me!

A note about the website online community: the community is slowly growing but still not very active. I would say: don’t ask for what the Society can do for you but what YOU can do for the Society. Don’t wait for asking to members information publicly; this can help to know more about each other! And it’s almost the same on CSBE Facebook page: about no interaction within members on topics posted. But I’m optimistic so I would expect more contribution from the Society members for next year.

I will be in Orillia for the CSBE-NABEC conference next July so if you want to discuss about the Society website (or any other topic!), it will be a pleasure to meet you!

Monday, 19 December 2011 14:41

News from our webmaster

The web site has a new section to promote NABEC – CSBE / SCGAB Joint Meeting and Technical Conference (http://www.bioeng.ca/nabec-csbe2012) that will be held in Orillia (ON) in July 2012. This event portal also provides a papers submission system and an online registration system for both organizations.

The Perspectives Newsletter has been published traditionally in PDF format and since 1 year in HTML format (http://www.bioeng.ca/perspectives-news/latest-news). Statistics show that only few people downloaded the last PDF Newsletter (about 3%). If members prefer HTML, we will probably stop publishing the PDF format. So we would like to know your preference: PDF or HTML? Please vote here: http://www.bioeng.ca/members/surveys.

On August 2010, our online community was launched. Since then, about 180 CSBE members and people from outside the Society have subscribed. But the community activities remain very low according to publications on the wall, group discussions, and profile updates. Considering this, we would like to know if the actual website-based community should be maintained or should we use popular social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. We want to hear you: http://www.bioeng.ca/members/surveys. Thanks for your opinion!

I would like to invite member to publish relevant content for our members by joining us on Facebook. Also, one of our objective is to have by June 2012 at least 5 active bloggers (on www.bioeng.ca/members/blogs) to publish original content in their domain or field of interest related to bioengineering. This could make the Society a great source of up-to-date original content along with others traditional publications.


Friday, 24 June 2011 09:39

Annual Report 2010-2011: Webmaster

In light of the previous year of experience with the CIGR 2010 congress, the website was entirely revamped to fit the Society needs and to facilitate its management. The website now includes a directory for all publications of CSBE (CBE Journal from 1959 to 2011, conference papers and CSBE’s public administrative documents), an online community, a blogging platform, an event management system with online transaction processor, a papers submission system for conferences and an on-line PERSPECTIVE newsletter (html version). The new website was also improved with Web 2.0 functions, such as comments posting, social media share links (Facebook and Twitter), and content emailing. These sharing functions are a good way to “spread the word” among users’ personal networks and contacts.

Thanks to Anne-Marie Chapman who has created a public Facebook group page for the Society. Public activities and announcements related to the Society are posted by Anne-Marie and me (René Morissette) on the page. At this time, only 16 persons are members of the page. I invite every member to follow CSBE activities through Facebook.

Since the website was revamped, statistics are better than the previous year (May 2009 to May 2010 compared to May 2010 to May 2011). CIGR 2010 congress could also explain these positives variations. In general, more visitors browsed the website (14825 vs. 12101 visits), they spent more time on it (in min:sec, 04:27 vs. 02:23) and they browsed more pages during a single visit (5 vs. 3.16).

I would like to invite member to publish relevant content for our members by joining us on Facebook. Also, one of my objective is to have by June 2012 at least 5 active bloggers (on www.bioeng.ca/members/blogs) to publish original content in their domain or field of interest related to bioengineering. This could make the Society a great source of up-to-date original content along with others traditional publications.

We have extra copies!

We have extra hard copies of CBE Journal

Volume 56 (2014)
Volume 57 (2015)
Volume 58 (2016)

Available at only 60 CAD each (including shipping).

Please contact John Feddes at manager@csbe-scgab.ca  to place your order.

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Please send your text with good resolution pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Your news will be published in the next Perspectives Newsletter.

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