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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 10:39

A Few Words From President Ron MacDonald

Ron MacDonaldThis is my last newsletter as President. Past President Shiv warned me it would pass too quickly and he was correct. His sage advice to get moving was also positive and helped me to work harder to try and achieve the goals I set for myself and the Society. I will review those but first a comment about a recent article. Alex Knapp, a Forbes Magazine journalist, wrote about the top ten professions for the future. These were: Math, Robotics, Health and Biotechnology, Hospitality Management, Prelaw (elderly focus), Quantum Engineering, 3D Printing Design, Liberal Arts, and Aerospace Engineering. If you were counting these, you would notice there were only 9. Amongst these gems, was Agricultural Engineering.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 11:16

A Few Words From President Ron MacDonald

ronPast President Shiv Prasher mentioned in his article last fall that the time would pass quickly. And it has. We all struggle as volunteers to commit the time and resources required to do the job. Currently, the Society is in a relatively good financial shape in no small part due to the enormous effort put forth by the Quebec regional engineers at the 2010 joint CIGR and CSBE/SCGAB meeting in Quebec City.

And, with the strategic plan needing continuous improvement, the CSBE/SCGAB Council has embarked on a Request for Proposals (RFP) to examine a number of the main issues that our Society is facing with. A small “Strategic Planning RFP” subcommittee was struck after the last Council meeting to develop the RFP. Members of the committee include: President Ron MacDonald, Chair; President Elect, Qiang (Chong) Zhang; Industrial VP, Dennis Hodgkinson; Past President from 2009-10, Stephane Lemay; Web Master, René Morissette; and Secretary/Manager, Ali Madani.

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The SoE is Expanding!

The School of Engineering has embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy that will see a doubling in undergraduate student enrolment and faculty in the coming years.
Phase 1 of the expansion, which is now complete, has added new space to the Thornbrough Engineering Complex in terms of a new student shop, undergraduate laboratories, design studios, an outdoor rooftop lab as well as additional office and administration space. Phase II, currently under way, will see the old labs and offices in Thornbrough refurbished and the Richards Building completely gutted and equipped with dry labs, office space and a 200 seat lecture hall.


The new main entrance and atrium for the Engineering Complex at the University of Guelph

New Faculty

brajeshDr. Brajesh Dubey joined the SoE in December 2011 from the East Tennessee State University. His research focuses on integrated solid waste management issues and on sustainable environmental technologies including beneficial reuse and resource recovery.



sureshDr. Suresh Neethirajan, P.Eng., joined the SoE in August 2011 from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research focuses on studying the nanoscale aspects of biosystems through bio-instrumentation and bio-imaging through an interdisciplinary approach to research in studies covering diverse topics of food, biological and agricultural systems. Visit www.bionanolab.ca for more details.


Biological Engineering Club

The Biological Engineering club has been extremely active this past academic term with field trips to Sleeman’s Brewery and a Niagara based winery. The club has also hosted several guest lectures on campus that focus on careers and opportunities for biological engineers.


Awards and Recognitions 

SoE students Lindsay Mooradian, Amanda Rhodes, Nirmal Shah and Stuart West placed 1st in the Consulting Engineering category at the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) held at the University of Toronto, February 3-5, 2012. They will be traveling The Guelph Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has announced that their Junior Fellow is Emily Nickerson, a student in Water Resources Engineering. Emily will be traveling to Ghana this summer to work on EWB's Agriculture Value Chains (AVC) team. The AVC team works to unlock the potential of Ghana's agriculture sector through improving markets. Currently, the team is focusing on the potential of Market Facilitation to connect key actors within the agriculture sector with the end goal to better service farmers.

ronOn October 22, 2011, Ron MacDonald, president of CSBE, was recognized with the Engineering Alumni Volunteer Award. This award recognizes an alumnus that has made a significant difference through longstanding volunteer work and involvement and honours their loyalty and commitment to the School and the larger community.




Dr. Ramesh Rudra, a long time member and fellow of the CSBE, was awarded the Fellowship of the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) in February 2012 in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of agricultural engineering.


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As per duties as outlined in the Procedures and Operations Manual:

  • As a member of Council for one year prior to taking office as President, attend Council meetings.

due to prior commitments, but was able to attend all teleconference calls

  • Serve as member of the Nominating Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has not been convened in a few years. Most offices are by appointment.

  • Serve as member of the By-Laws Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has been non-functioning since there have been no bylaw changes recently and when there were the Secretary did them.

  • Serve as chair of the Education Committee.

This committee has been non-functioning. It may be that there is no need to have such a committee, as the AGM takes that role on

  • Receive reports from the Education Committee and the Awards Committee and report to Council for them.

As the Education has not been formed for several years, there were no reports. As a member of the Awards committee since 2006, I recall the announcement being conducted by the Chair of the Awards committee, which is appropriate.

  • Carry out a forward planning process and develop plans to deal with short and long-term concerns to CSBE/SCGAB. Issue areas to consider are publicity, services, programs, student involvement, promotion of regional activities; relations with affiliate societies and policy. Ad hoc committees should be struck as required.
    • Initiated planning a joint meeting with NABEC in Barrie Ontario, 2012 AGM
    • Reviewed Strategic Plan document formulated at the 2007 AGM. Needs review by council.
    • Immediate issues of interest for the coming year:
      • Review of Awards, including numbers of awards, # of nominees, etc.
      • Determining how to increase membership of Food Processing engineers
      • Looking at other niche engineering areas and determining how to approach these possible members
      • Lessons Learned; the Secretary: management and administration vs. Strategic Planning Executive Director
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