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I am pleased report the uploading of our journal papers from Volumes 1 through 30. The papers are fully searchable within the entire document. Two different .pdf files are available for downloading. One is the image file of the original paper (raw) without any text processing. The other is the file processed with optical character recognition software to make it fully searchable. Depending on the condition of the original paper that was scanned, the quality of the character recognition may not be free of errors. If there is any errors please use the image file to verify any inaccuracies in character recognition. This project will not have been possible without the funding support from the CSBE Foundation. Efforts are underway to upload the remaining Volumes 31 through 43.

Beginning in Volume 34 (2012), the Canadian Biosystems Engineering will be indexed in CrossRef providing hyperlinks to all the references within each paper published. What this means for our authors is the exposure they get to their papers through the cross-referencing of their papers through thousands of other journal papers that are part of the CrossRef system. As a result, the citations of our papers are expected to increase leading to a higher impact factor.

The Agriculture Institute of Canada has been providing copy-editing and type- setting services for our journal in the past few years. Unfortunately, their services are no longer available and I have been looking for a cost effective way to accomplish this task. This has led to the delays in getting the accepted papers published on time. I am working on alternatives to speed-up the process.

Another major factor that has been delaying the publication of papers is the timeliness of reviewers' response to our request to review. The CSBE Council has approved the reconstitution of the editorial board by expanding the board to a larger pool of Associate Editors who are expected to provide a faster review turn around time. The current Associate Editors will serve as Section Editors providing the final decision in each of the areas. We invite our members interested in serving on the Editorial Board to contact me by email along with your resume.

I sincerely thank all the reviewers who have responded to our request for review. The efforts of the Associate Editors are much appreciated for their diligence in maintaining the quality of papers published in our journal.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011 21:39

A Few Words From The Journal Editor

Thanks to the funding provided by the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation, the uploading of Legacy papers is progressing well.  Volumes 1 to 30 (years 1959 to 1988) have been scanned and processed for upload.  They are available online here: Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal. It is intended to upload the rest of volumes by the end of January, 2012. There are two sets of files available for download. The download "Full paper" link will give you the machine readable file that is text searchable. You should be able to search the entire paper with keywords.  The "Raw file" which is a scanned image of the paper is also available by clicking the title of the paper from the following link:


At present, Volumes 1 to 30 are online.  The "Raw files" are image files and not searchable. They were processed using an OCR software which may have substituted wrong characters while making the "Full file."  The "raw files" are provided to verify any errors in the "full files."


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