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Introducing two new Council members

Sylvio Tessier, new President-Elect

sylvioI am a graduate from Macdonald College’s (McGill) Agricultural Engineering program (BSc & MSc) and Washington State University’s Engineering Science program (PhD).  Over the years, I was fortunate enough to hold positions with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Génie Rural dept at Université Laval, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative, Manitoba Conservation (aka Manitoba Environment), and the private industry (John Deere Co, Versatile).  Sometimes as a side venture, and now as a main activity, I have provided consulting services in the area of agricultural machinery design and environmental engineering.  I am honored to have received the support of CSBE members for the position of present-elect.  I will endeavor to provide our Society with a broad perspective on bioengineering.

Je détiens mon BSc et MSc en génie rural du Collège Macdonald (Univ. McGill) et mon PhD de Washington State University (Engineering Sciences).  Tout au long de ma carrière, j’ai eu la bonne fortune de travailler pour Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada, le département de génie rural de l’Université Laval, les ministères d’Agriculture, Alimentation et Développement Rural et celui de Conservation (Environnement) au Manitoba, et pour le secteur manufacturier chez John Deere et Versatile.  J’ai aussi eu l’occasion de me tremper les mains comme consultant au fil des ans, ce qui est maintenant mon activité principale, dans les domaines de conception de machinerie agricole et de l’environnement.  Je suis des plus honorés du support des membres de la SCGAB pour ma nomination au poste de président-élu.  Je m’efforcerais à bien représenter vos intérêts durant les trois prochaines années.

Qamar Zaman, Atlantic Regional Director

zamanI have over twenty-five years of experience in teaching, research and extension from various national and international universities and international organizations, including the University of Agriculture (Pakistan), the University of New Castle upon Tyne (England), the University of Florida (USA), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan), and Dalhousie University (Canada). I joined the Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University (former NSAC) as an industry research chair in December, 2006. In 2010, I was promoted to associate professor in recognition of my outstanding work in teaching, research, extension, and industry. In my current position, I established the Precision Agriculture Research Program (PARP) with objectives to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the blueberry industry and enhance the sustainability of rural life in Atlantic Canada. While building this program, I developed strong and effective partnerships with industry, government, and other institutions to support precision agriculture (PA) research needs. I have been successful in securing infrastructural research grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, NSERC, AIF, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Industry.  These grants have allowed my research team to establish state-of-the art facilities for PA systems research. My research program has also been funded, consistently and continuously, by federal and provincial governments, international funding agencies, industry partners, and grower’s associations.

I am now one of the pioneers in the field of PA and have invented cost-effective automated variable rate (VR) technologies for real-time spot application of pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, I have received US Patent # 2012/0195496 A1 and Canadian Patent # 7231-1 for the invention of my “Variable Rate Sprayer System and Method of Variably Applying Agrochemicals.”

Teaching has been a major part of my academic duties over the past twenty-five years. Since, 2007, I have successfully taught several undergraduate and graduate courses. One of my primary goals has been the teaching and training of highly qualified personnel (industry research chairs, post-docs, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students). During the past six years, I supervised/supervising, or, co-supervised/supervising 5 post-doctoral fellows, 6 international researchers, 4 Ph.D., 9 M.Sc. and several undergraduate students.I have published more than forty peer-reviewed articles in prestigious scientific journals. I am highly sought out for national/international seminars and workshops and have made over one-hundred conference, industry and extension presentations over the past few years. My research was promoted in a range of media, including national and international television channels such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, CTV, and Express and is available on Google Video, YouTube and CBC radio. My book chapter on rice crop monitoring with unmanned helicopter remote sensing images has received worldwide attention.

I have established ties with several North American, European and Asian academic institutions. I have held memberships in several professional societies and research committees of grower’s associations. Recently, I received the prestigious Glenn Downing Award from CSBE in recognition of my outstanding work in industry, teaching, research, and extension in the area of machinery systems. I have been serving as visiting professor in different universities. I have been invited as keynote speaker/resource person to participate in international seminars/s/workshops in several countries to deliver lectures on advanced agriculture production systems for which I have received shields of honor.

I am recognized internationally for my accomplishments in fundamental and applied PA research. I have worked in four internationally renowned PA programs including the University of Florida, University of Agriculture, Pakistan, the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and the Dalhousie University, Canada. My theoretical background and practical experience in PA technology is acknowledged by my peers around the globe. Many of my post-doctoral fellows, students and supervisee's are serving elite agricultural R&D organizations within and outside Canada. 

2014-2015 Council Members

  • Grant Clark, President
  • Bernardo Predicala, Past-President
  • Sylvio Tessier, President-Elect
  • John Feddes, Society Manager
  • Harry Huffman, Vice-President (Membership)
  • Fahimeh Yazdanpanah, Vice-President (Regional) 
  • Suresh Neethirajan, Vice-President (Technical)
  • Dennis Hodgkinson, Vice-President (Industry)
  • John Morgan, Treasurer
  • René Morissette, Webmaster
  • R. Sri Ranjan, Journal Editor
  • Qamar Zaman, Atlantic regional director
  • Matthieu Girard, Québec regional director
  • Chella Vellaichamy, Manitoba regional director 
  • Joy Agnew, Saskatchewan  regional director
  • Ikechukwu Edeogu, Alberta regional director
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