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Renewal Time.   Decemberis membership renewal time. If you have not already done so, please complete your renewal form and send in with your cheque or credit card payment. Thank you.

Student Membership.   Did you and your faculty advisors know that a first time student membership can last up to 16 months? It’s true. If a student (graduate or undergraduate) first joins CSBE/SCGAB in September at the start of a school year; the student membership is good for the remainder of that calendar year and the entire following calendar year. Subsequent student membership renewals are on a calendar year basis similar to all other membership classifications. However, if a student first joins CSBE/SCGAB during the months of January through August, that membership is only good for the remainder of that calendar year. Therefore best membership value is for a student to join during the fall semester.

Awards for Members.   This is also the time of year to start thinking about the various awards available to the membership at large. These range from a host of student project and thesis awards to recognizing members for various outstanding contributions to the engineering profession. Faculty advisors please ensure the students (both graduate and under-graduate) are made aware of these awards since many schools miss these opportunities to help reward new knowledge. Members take a look around your department or organization and consider nominating a deserving colleague for one of the 7 engineering awards available each year. You may even identify a worthy candidate to receive a Fellow or Member Emeritus designation. Please visit our website and review the award categories and consider either applying or nominating a deserving member. 

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