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From the Journal Editor R. Sri Ranjan

Thanks for the funding support from the CSBE-SCGAB Foundation and the donation of printed edition of the past journal volumes from Mr. Denyse LeBlanc, the entire Canadian Biosystems Engineering journal papers are fully accessible online now.  All the papers were scanned and processed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to make it fully searchable.  From Volume 1 to Volume 42 there are two sets of files available for download.  The “raw” file is the image file, which is the scanned image and is not searchable.  The “ocr” file is the processed file that is searchable.  However, the OCR process may not recognize the difference between some letters and numbers resulting errors.   In those cases you can refer to the original “raw” file.   Our Webmaster René Morissette was kind enough to build the interface to make it accessible.   Our journal was published online from Volume 42 onwards.

By joining the CrossRef in 2013, all the CBE journal papers have been assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers.  The DOI will enable our papers to be easily searchable and accessible from every paper that references these papers.  Membership in CrossRef has increased the visibility of our papers through numerous indexing services affiliated with CrossRef.   Recently, we signed a memorandum of understanding with CNKI Scholar in China to publicize our papers in China.   This will increase the visibility of our papers worldwide.

I contacted the Browzine app developers to link our CBE journal to their app which they did.   Now, our papers are easily accessible through the Browzine app that allows you to easily access and download the papers onto your iPad/Android devices for offline reading.  

A concerted effort has been made to decrease the time to publication.  Our Section Editors have been pushing to have the reviews done within four weeks.   These efforts have helped improve the time of publication.   We need the cooperation and timely action from our volunteer reviewers to maintain this momentum. Thank you all for your continued support. 

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R. Sri Ranjan

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