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Friday, 12 December 2014 12:53

Five Ontario members to discover

Here’s news about a few Ontario members so readers can learn more about the wide range of what our members do and allow them to pass along some advice to other members

Hugh Fraser, MSc., P.Eng., (34 year member) received his agricultural engineering degree and masters in agricultural engineering at the U of Guelph. He is from a dairy farm in Quebec and works for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at Vineland. www.omafra.gov.on.ca  Hugh works in the engineering aspects of horticulture, especially crop protection and post-harvest handling. He has training in measurement and abatement of agricultural noise nuisance, and deals a lot in mediation of noise issues. Hugh’s advice to younger members: ‘Remember that no question is too stupid to ask, and don’t be afraid to think completely outside the box when trying to solve complex problems.’

Tyler Hilsden, P.Eng., (1 year member) works for Alo Canada Inc. in Niagara Falls www.alo.ca He first graduated from Niagara College, then from Lakehead University in Mechanical Engineering. Although a new CSBE member, he previously worked for 11 years in the development and support of agricultural equipment such as front end loaders and rotary cutters at John Deere.  Currently, he provides technical support for installation and repair of front end loaders, including hydraulic testing, troubleshooting, problem reporting and design improvement recommendations. His advice to younger members: ‘Time spent preventing a problem before it ever occurs is time well spent.’

Harry Huffman, P.Eng., (39 year member) received his agricultural engineering degree at the U of Guelph. He is from a dairy farm in the Quinte Region of Ontario and was an extension engineer with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at London for 29 years. He now operates an independent engineering practice to the livestock and poultry industry. He specializes in new and renovated barn ventilation design and ventilation system troubleshooting. Harry’s advice to younger CSBE members: ‘Try to break down complex engineering problems into several components or sections which can be more easily managed in stages.’

Kevin LaPaire, P.Eng., (12 year member) received his agricultural engineering degree at the U of Saskatchewan. He grew up in an urban setting, but worked on farms and ranches. He first worked for a short-line equipment manufacturer, then the design and building of railway maintenance equipment, then the structural steel industry in plant engineering, HR and sales/project management. Currently, he works for Container Design Services, Petrolia, specializing in custom racking, primarily for the automotive industry. A sister company Farm Energy has developed a modular anaerobic digestion system for the swine industry. Kevin’s advice to new grads: ‘Do not limit yourself too much in one engineering field; knowledge of other disciplines is key; do not be afraid of tasks unrelated to your education as this is the only way you will grow.’  www.containerdesign.com/

Kevin McKague,MSc., P.Eng., CPESC (32 year member) received his agricultural engineering degree and masters in water resources engineering at the U of Guelph. He considers himself fortunate to work in a ‘core agricultural engineering’ field of soil and water as there are not many of those jobs available. He grew up on a beef farm in SW Ontario and many of the skills he learned there, he still applies today. He works for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at Woodstock on issues related to rural non-point pollution control, soil and water quality, green energy and climate change. www.omafra.gov.on.ca  Kevin’s advice to new grads: ‘When solving problems, try looking at how nature does it in her/his intelligent design…after mimicking a burdock plant, I bet the inventor of VelcroTM didn’t do too badly financially!’ 

Source: http://www.cae-acg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/CAENewsRelease_NewFellows2014.pdf

Forty-nine new Fellows and two Honorary Fellows inducted into the Canadian Academy of Engineering

President Richard J. Marceau inducted 49 new Fellows and two new Honorary Fellows into the Canadian Academy of Engineering on June 26, 2014. The ceremony took place in St. John’s, in conjunction with the Academy’s 2014 Annual General Meeting and Symposium. Dr. Marceau commented: “The Academy warmly welcomes its new Fellows, all of whom are engineers of exceptional ability. Each of these outstanding individuals of widely varying backgrounds, no matter whether they working in Industry, Academe and Government, has demonstrated the ability to perform beyond normal engineering practice and contribute in exemplary ways towards their respective disciplinary fields, and to the wider community. The Academy, which recently has published major reports in education, energy and innovation, looks forward to the valuable contributions these new Fellows will make in helping it inform the public policy debate in Canada for the benefit of all Canadians.”

lague-claudeClaude Laguë – Dean and Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa
As an agricultural engineer, Claude Laguë has made unique contributions to the development of agricultural machinery and to agricultural engineering education. He developed and validated the Wide-Span Implement Carrier (WSIC) concept as an alternative to traditional agricultural field machinery systems. As an academic leader at three Canadian universities, Dr. Laguë has been a tireless promoter of engineering entrepreneurship. Since 2006, he has led paradigm-shifting change in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa, making it one of the most graduate student-intensive engineering faculties in Canada. Dr. Laguë is also serving on the boards of directors of not-for-profit organizations that serve the engineering profession.

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan, Assistant Professor (Bioengineering) at the University of Guelph, and the VP-Technical of CSBE garnered the 2014 Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation for his work on the investigation of clinical wound biofilms using bionanotechnology.


Friday, 26 October 2012 10:37

CSBE Member Appear Before Senate Committee

sureshOn October 16, 2012, Tuesday, CSBE member and the University of Guelph's Biological Engineering Professor Dr. Suresh Neethirajan was in Ottawa to testify at the Canadian Senate Standing Committee of Agriculture and Forestry at a hearing on nanotechnology and applied research in agriculture. He discussed research and innovation efforts in the Canadian agricultural sector. Dr. Neethirajan is involved in numerous projects at Guelph involving developing nanoscale devices, technologies and methods to study biological and agricultural systems. The proceedings are available on the Senate committee's website at http://tinyurl.com/bnu7dgh and the full video can be watched online at http://tinyurl.com/9g4f27x

TheSchool ofEngineering sent a large contingent of engineering students, staff and faculty to the NABEC-CSBE joint conference held inOrillia this summer.  Papers and posters presented focused on a wide range of topics including: biological nanotechnology, renewable energy, robotics in agriculture, and rural air quality. A special thanks to our retired faculty, Ralph Brown, Jan Jofriet, and John Ogilvie, for their tremendous support to the conference.

Student Accomplishments

Biological Engineering students, Alexander Griffith (left in picture) and Matthew DiCicco (right in picture), have won the CSBE  Undergraduate Scholarship award and the CSBE Design Project award, respectively, at the Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE) Annual Meeting held in Orillia from July 15-18th 2012. Both Matthew DiCicco and Alexander Griffith are working in the Bionanolab supervised by Professor Suresh Neethirajan.

At the 43rd Annual Association of Canadian Ergonomists Conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in August 2012, Luke Harris won the Julien M. Christenson Masters level Student Paper Award.  Luke is a Masters level student in the School of Engineering working under the supervision of Dr. Michele Oliver.  The second and third place papers were also from Dr. Oliver’s research group (Danielle Boucher and Mark Munro).

The students of the Bionanolab of the University of Guelph won the 'Visual Challenge' contest by the ASABE's Resource Magazine. Matthew DiCicco, Mark Fletcher and Anup Suresh's submissions on “Seemingly Spotless Surgical Screw Studied Up-Close”, "Computer-assisted illustration of bionanorobotsmanoeuvring through the blood stream in search of tumors" and "Real-time three-dimensional visualization of fissures inside infested wheat kernel using X-ray micro CT" were selected as winning entries for publication in the September issue of the magazine.

Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan was interviewed by ArsTechnica, a media magazine from California about the US Food and Drug Administration's guidelines on food packaging nanotechnology. Suresh noted that the FDA guidelines will compel the industries to use clear labelling for ingredients present in the form of nanoparticles, and the food manufacturing industries might be obligated to conduct risk assessment. Read the story online at http://goo.gl/DYS9G.

The SoE is Expanding!

The School of Engineering has embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy that will see a doubling in undergraduate student enrolment and faculty in the coming years.
Phase 1 of the expansion, which is now complete, has added new space to the Thornbrough Engineering Complex in terms of a new student shop, undergraduate laboratories, design studios, an outdoor rooftop lab as well as additional office and administration space. Phase II, currently under way, will see the old labs and offices in Thornbrough refurbished and the Richards Building completely gutted and equipped with dry labs, office space and a 200 seat lecture hall.


The new main entrance and atrium for the Engineering Complex at the University of Guelph

New Faculty

brajeshDr. Brajesh Dubey joined the SoE in December 2011 from the East Tennessee State University. His research focuses on integrated solid waste management issues and on sustainable environmental technologies including beneficial reuse and resource recovery.



sureshDr. Suresh Neethirajan, P.Eng., joined the SoE in August 2011 from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research focuses on studying the nanoscale aspects of biosystems through bio-instrumentation and bio-imaging through an interdisciplinary approach to research in studies covering diverse topics of food, biological and agricultural systems. Visit www.bionanolab.ca for more details.


Biological Engineering Club

The Biological Engineering club has been extremely active this past academic term with field trips to Sleeman’s Brewery and a Niagara based winery. The club has also hosted several guest lectures on campus that focus on careers and opportunities for biological engineers.


Awards and Recognitions 

SoE students Lindsay Mooradian, Amanda Rhodes, Nirmal Shah and Stuart West placed 1st in the Consulting Engineering category at the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) held at the University of Toronto, February 3-5, 2012. They will be traveling The Guelph Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has announced that their Junior Fellow is Emily Nickerson, a student in Water Resources Engineering. Emily will be traveling to Ghana this summer to work on EWB's Agriculture Value Chains (AVC) team. The AVC team works to unlock the potential of Ghana's agriculture sector through improving markets. Currently, the team is focusing on the potential of Market Facilitation to connect key actors within the agriculture sector with the end goal to better service farmers.

ronOn October 22, 2011, Ron MacDonald, president of CSBE, was recognized with the Engineering Alumni Volunteer Award. This award recognizes an alumnus that has made a significant difference through longstanding volunteer work and involvement and honours their loyalty and commitment to the School and the larger community.




Dr. Ramesh Rudra, a long time member and fellow of the CSBE, was awarded the Fellowship of the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) in February 2012 in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of agricultural engineering.


bionanoBionanotechnology - What is it? "Bionanotechnology is essentially the study of biological ideas with nanotechnology...a miniaturized version of biotechnology, a field that centers on the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering...an emerging interdisciplinary field..."Got that?

Read on: http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/Olive/ODE/RES/Default.aspx?href=RES/2012/03/01

Article written by CSBE member Suresh Neethirajan, University of Guelph, Ontario. http://bionanolab.ca/

Rebecca Shortt, P.Eng. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at Simcoe, and Andrew Jamieson, P.Eng. at Elora, are working with the Innisfil Creek Water Users Association on an integrated water resources man-agement strategy for the watershed because of critically low water levels in recent years. Innisfil Creek Watershed is north of Toronto, south of Barrie.

Hugh Fraser, MSc. P.Eng., Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at Vineland recently wrote the Factsheet, Wind machines for minimizing cold injury to horticul-tural crops (Order #10-045). It lists many Best Management Practices for operation for the 500 wind machines in Ontario which are mostly used to protect grapes from cold injury. See http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/engineer/facts/10-045.htm

Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:20

Ontario Regional Report 2009-2010

No regional activity was arranged for the professional members of the Society this year. It may be good idea to think in this direction by all the regions so that some activity can be planned for society members. Other professional societies have considerable regional activities for its members.

A number of professional activities for biological engineering undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Guelph were arranged throughout the year through Biological Engineering Club working under ASABE/CSBE. A few industrial visits were arranged such as to Sleeman brewery and McNeil Consumer Products. Lectures/seminars were provided by invited speakers on various topics of interests.

Students visited high schools to present Biological engineering program and participated in other liaison activities such as open house and National Engineering week. In March 2010 they participated in College Royal, a university wide open house, where they presented biological engineering activities to visitors.

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