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Since the beginning of my mandate, three editions of the Perspectives newsletter were published, the first one under the responsibility of my predecessor, Benoit Lacasse, and the others under my responsibility. It was a pleasure for me to collect and assemble all the news in order to transmit them to society members.

The publication of the Perspectives newsletter requires the assistance of several people like regional directors. Indeed, they are responsible of contacting members located in their area in order to get relevant news for publication. I would like to thank all of them for the time granted to this task.

A special thank goes to Benoit Lacasse, James Townsend and Shiv Prasher for their help when I had questions about the Perspectives newsletter publication.

I would finally take this opportunity to invite all members to submit any relevant news to their regional directors or directly on our website: www.bioeng.ca

Published in VP Regional Report

Membership Committee

The mandate of the Vice President Membership is to act with the Executive Council and the Membership Recruitment Committee, the latter of which is comprised of the Regional Directors, to maintain and increase membership in the Society. The specific responsibilities associated with this office are described in the Society’s Procedures and Operations Manual available on the website (www.bioeng.ca).

Membership trends

Figure 1 shows the demographics for the Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE) for the years from 2002 to 2011. Seventy-nine new members joined in 2011, which is about the same as the historic average, but a marked drop from the larger membership cohorts that joined the CSBE in 2006-2008. Retention from those large cohorts has been proportionately lower than retention of cohorts from prior years, resulting in a net decline from recent higher membership numbers to a total of 585.


Published in VP Membership Report

As per duties as outlined in the Procedures and Operations Manual:

  • As a member of Council for one year prior to taking office as President, attend Council meetings.

due to prior commitments, but was able to attend all teleconference calls

  • Serve as member of the Nominating Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has not been convened in a few years. Most offices are by appointment.

  • Serve as member of the By-Laws Committee. [By-law 19(j)]

This committee has been non-functioning since there have been no bylaw changes recently and when there were the Secretary did them.

  • Serve as chair of the Education Committee.

This committee has been non-functioning. It may be that there is no need to have such a committee, as the AGM takes that role on

  • Receive reports from the Education Committee and the Awards Committee and report to Council for them.

As the Education has not been formed for several years, there were no reports. As a member of the Awards committee since 2006, I recall the announcement being conducted by the Chair of the Awards committee, which is appropriate.

  • Carry out a forward planning process and develop plans to deal with short and long-term concerns to CSBE/SCGAB. Issue areas to consider are publicity, services, programs, student involvement, promotion of regional activities; relations with affiliate societies and policy. Ad hoc committees should be struck as required.
    • Initiated planning a joint meeting with NABEC in Barrie Ontario, 2012 AGM
    • Reviewed Strategic Plan document formulated at the 2007 AGM. Needs review by council.
    • Immediate issues of interest for the coming year:
      • Review of Awards, including numbers of awards, # of nominees, etc.
      • Determining how to increase membership of Food Processing engineers
      • Looking at other niche engineering areas and determining how to approach these possible members
      • Lessons Learned; the Secretary: management and administration vs. Strategic Planning Executive Director
Published in President Report

(contribution from L. Tabil)

As part of the Design Capstone course, several student groups made poster and oral presentations based on their design projects. The top ranked groups which will represent the ABE program at the 2011 Engineering Innovative Design and Student Paper Competition are the following:

  • Innovative Design competition: Chantal Quesnel, Danielle Quesnel and Alison Silversides
    Title: Streambank Stabilization Design at the Rodeo Site along the Milk River, located at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta
  • Student Paper competition: Nicholas Hall and Dallas Nelson

Title: Design of an Animal Manure Management System for the University of Saskatchewan.

Bernardo Predicala, Research Scientist at the Prairie Swine Centre in Saskatoon, SK, and Adjunct Faculty at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at University of Saskatchewan, has been named as an Outstanding Reviewer for the Structure and Environment Division of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) journal publications. This honour is given to 10 to 11 reviewers from among the more than 900 reviewers who participated each year in the peer-review process of ASABE journals. The recipients will be recognized at an award ceremony during the 2011 ASABE Annual International Meeting at Louisvile, Kentucky in August.

Congratulations to the following Biosystems engineering students who will receive their degrees at the spring convocation:

  • B.Sc. Degree:  Tobias Becker, Warren Blunt, Leno Guzman, Esaias Jordaan, Annette Kroeker, Grant Rayner, Ronnie Robinson, and Archana Uprety.
  • M.Sc. Degree:  David Ennis, Elsie Jordaan, Michelle Paetkau, Hin Yat Tang, and Nathan Wrana.


Published in Manitoba Regional News

sureshDr. Suresh Neethirajan has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering, at the University of Guelph, effective August 1 2011. Suresh comes to the position from Tennessee, USA, where he was a Research Associate and also as an NSERC Post-doctoral fellow at the Biological and Nanoscale Systems Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was a JSPS fellow at the National Food Research Institute, before joining the Oak Ridge labs. Suresh received a bachelor's degree from Tamilnadu Agricultural University, and completed his PhD degree in Biosystems Engineering at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Suresh is a member of the Society for Biological Engineering, the American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers and the Canadian Society for Bioengineering.

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From Spring 2011 Newsletter

I am very pleased to report that everything is in place for a very successful CSBE/SCGAB Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from July 10-13, 2011. The theme for the conference is “Growing Renewable Energy”. I encourage all of you to make plans to attend this conference in friendly Manitoba.  I would like to thank Doug Small and Past-President, Dennis Hodgkinson, of DGH Engineering for their great help and support in taking care of the local arrangements and doing their best to make sure we have a very successful and memorable annual meeting. For program/conference information, please go to www.bioeng.ca/agm2011-program.

Published in Editorial
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