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It was a fun and challenging year as Manitoba Regional Director. I have participated in all of the Council and membership engagement committee meetings. The major success of our Manitoba region is the creation of a very vibrant CSBE student chapter at university of Manitoba. The student chapter helped me a lot in organizing regional activities. Manitoba section of CSBE organized a networking BBQ at University of Manitoba on September 9, 2014 along with CSBE Undergraduate Student Chapter and Biosystems Engineering Graduate Students’ Association (BEGSA). I have also invited executive members of CIFST (Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology) and 6 executives from CIFST participated in this networking event. The total attendance for this event was 98, which include graduate and under graduate students, academic members of department of Biosystems engineering and industry members. I also participated in Manitoba School Science Symposium (MSSS), the showcase event for school students to display their scientific knowledge. To create awareness about our Biosystems engineering to school students, CSBE awards have been given to the projects related to bioengineering field.  Four CSBE members (Tasneem Vahora, Annette Kroeker, Senthilkumar Thiruppathi and Aadesh Rahkra) helped me to choose 2 projects CSBE awards (one each from junior and senior category) out of 358 projects displayed in MSSS.

This is my final report as Manitoba regional director, and I sincerely thank all the volunteers helped me to organize regional activities in last 5 years. I am looking forward to work with our incoming Manitoba Regional Director.

Congratulations to 2015 competition champions, University of Kentucky! We are also proud of our canadian teams that have successfully remained competitive in obtaining good overall ranking:

  • Université Laval - 13th
  • University of Manitoba - 15th
  • McGill University - 17th 
  • University of Saskatchewan - 19th

Special mentions for top 5:

  • Université Laval: 4th Written design report, 5th Team presentation
  • McGill University: 5th Design Judging

All results are available on ASABE website.

University of Kentucky, 2015 champions
Photo credit: Katie McDonald Photography
Source: www.asabe.org 

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I became Ontario Regional Director fall 2014 and it has been challenging, fun and interesting. I have participated in most Council and Membership conference calls when able. In my opinion, our relatively small technical organization, with such a diverse and changing membership, two languages, spread over such a huge country, with membership that cannot attend all technical meetings because of distance, cost or time, it is important to find ways to connect with grassroots members. For this reason, for the on-line newsletters of December 2014, March 2015 and June 2015, I randomly called (yes, using that thing called a telephone that seems to be so seldom used anymore) about five Ontario members per newsletter to solicit a little information (about 100 words) about what they were doing, how long they had been a member, and what advice they had for younger members. It was easy and painless, using a short template I sent to them. This has been both interesting for me and also for those I call because I find members are genuinely pleased, but surprised to hear from someone on Council. I plan to continue doing this in the coming year. Check out what members have told us at http://csbe-scgab.ca/

I also participated in a Jobs Fair at the University of Guelph in January 2015. Along with Vice-President Membership, Harry Huffman, we spoke to undergrads about jobs in Agricultural Engineering and opportunities joining CSBE. It was fun event and students were very interested in learning from a couple of grizzled veterans. There were perhaps 30 companies involved and perhaps 100 students attending.

I look forward to the coming year.

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