Collection of chemical fallout from the atmosphere

Authors: Zeman, L.J. And E.O. Nyborg
Description: Chemical constituents of surface water are derived from atmospheric fallout, both dry and that contained in precipitation, and from soil and rock weathering. The importance of the contribution of chemical fallout to the quality of water has been recognized by Gorham (3). There are several processes by which natural and anthropogenic substances are removed from the atmosphere. For aerosols and certain gaseous components, the most important mechanisms, as reported by Junge (4), are wet removal by precipitation and dry removal by sedimentation or impaction on the earth
Keywords: collection of chemical fallout from the atmosphere
Citation: Zeman, L.J. and E.O. Nyborg 1974. COLLECTION OF CHEMICAL FALLOUT FROM THE ATMOSPHERE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 16(2):69-72.
Volume: 16
Issue: 2
Start page number: 69
End page number: 72
Date: 1974
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 16 (1974)

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