A laboratory test of some drain tube filter materials

Authors: Mckyes, E. And R.S. Broughton
Description: Drainage systems frequently fail in fine sandy soils because of particles entering drain tiles in sufficient quantity to block the drains. Attempts have been made to employ filters outside tiles to allow only soil-free water to enter the system. Filtering materials have included straw, fiberglass sheet, polyester fiber sheet, nylon fiber sheet, coconut fibers and others. Some field experience has shown that the flow of water can decrease over the years through filters, especially in iron-rich soils (2, 6). How ever, no laboratory tests have been per formed to note the effect of months of water-flow through filters, and the relative amounts of sand entry through filters over a long period. The purpose of this study was to test some commercially available or promising filters for corrugated plastic drain tubes and to assess their effect on water and soil entry into tubes over approximately 2 mo of continuous operation.
Keywords: a laboratory test of some drain tube filter materials
Citation: McKyes, E. and R.S. Broughton 1974. A LABORATORY TEST OF SOME DRAIN TUBE FILTER MATERIALS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 16(2):60-62.
Volume: 16
Issue: 2
Start page number: 60
End page number: 62
Date: 1974
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 16 (1974)

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