Bearing capacity of clays for tower silos

Authors: Bozozuk, Michael
Description: Canadian farmers are building larger and higher tower silos than they did in the past, following the modern trend for larger engineering structures. These large tower silos represent a substantial expenditure, and in an effort to reduce costs the foundations are often compromised. When silos were smaller there were generally no problems. However, with larger structures the applied loads often approach the bearing capacity of the foundation soils. This has led to excessive settlements, dangerous tilting (Figure 1 a, b, c), and frequently, complete failure (Figure 2). Silos must have foundations designed for the bearing capacity of the soil and with an adequate factor of safety if the structures are to perform as desired. A method for determining the allowable bearing capacity based on soil tests, and some suggested improvements in the design of foundations are given.
Keywords: bearing capacity of clays for tower silos
Citation: Bozozuk, Michael 1974. BEARING CAPACITY OF CLAYS FOR TOWER SILOS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 16(1):13-17.
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Start page number: 13
End page number: 17
Date: 1974
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 16 (1974)

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