Coefficient of friction of wheat grain on grain and steel

Authors: Sharan, Girja And J. H. A. Lee
Description: A law of granular friction first de scribed by Coulomb in 1776 can be expressed as where r is the shear stress or strength at failure, the angle of internal friction and C the cohesion. Airy (1), Janssen (9), and Ketchum (11) used the tangent of the angle of repose of the material as its true coefficient of internal friction. Collins (7) observed that there were other characteristic angles seen during the flow of material which could be taken to represent the frictional characteristics of that material. Brubaker (6) observed that not only the external and internal angles of repose of a material were different but the latter also varied with boundary conditions. Different methods have been used to measure the coefficient of friction of agricultural grains to obtain design information for grain bins, conveyors and numerous other agricultural machines. Different methods of forming a natural pile to measure angle of re pose have been reported (9, 11). Direct shear methods have been used to measure shear strength and eventually coefficient of friction (10). Balis (2) compared the different methods for determination of the coefficient of friction of agricultural materials. It is generally recognized that the frictional properties are important since they effect the flow behavior, pres sure exerted and behavior under de formation of granular materials. The objective of this study was to determine the effective coefficient of wall friction during the flow of grain. A model bin and Genessee wheat grain were used to carry out this study.
Keywords: coefficient of friction of wheat grain on grain and steel
Citation: Sharan, Girja and J. H. A. Lee 1970. COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION OF WHEAT GRAIN ON GRAIN AND STEEL. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 12(1):14-17.
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Start page number: 14
End page number: 17
Date: 1970
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 12 (1970)

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