Animal research institute facilities for dairy cattle breeding research

Authors: Turnbull, J. E., Hickman, C. G. And A. J. Lee
Description: This describes the structures, equipment, and feed handling features of a unit of research buildings constructed as part of the Animal Research Institute Greenbelt Development, on the outskirts of Ottawa. This unit consists of five cattle buildings and a feed center designed for the dairy cattle breeding program of the Animal Research Institute. Planning of these facilities was an outgrowth of genetics research con ducted over the past 15 years and is based on well established experimental designs. These designs specify animal numbers, and the distribution of animals by age and lactation parity. Animal Research Institute investigations into housing and management practice were conducted over a 10-year period, followed by final studies by the Engineering Research Service. American and European features were combined in the final plans. Animal Research Institute scientists set the general conditions for animal environment and management for the various cattle age-groups. From this, the Director of the Animal Research Institute chaired a preliminary design committee consisting of research scientists, an agricultural engineer from Engineering Research Service, the Greenbelt planning officer from the Architectural and Engineering Section, and farm operations staff.
Keywords: animal research institute facilities for dairy cattle breeding research
Citation: Turnbull, J. E., Hickman, C. G. and A. J. Lee 1969. ANIMAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FACILITIES FOR DAIRY CATTLE BREEDING RESEARCH. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 11(1):32-37.
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Start page number: 32
End page number: 37
Date: 1969
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 11 (1969)

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