A comparison of black porous double-disc and bellani plateatmometers

Authors: Williams, G. D. V.
Description: Evapotranspiration data are often used in estimating irrigation requirements by means of soil moisture budget techniques. Such techniques have been described by Ayers (1), and others as summarized by Robertson (5). Evapotranspiration data can also be utilized in various other agricultural engineering applications including the design of irrigation and drainage systems, water conservation structures and crop drying installations, and the scheduling of tillage operations. Baier (2), in reviewing the relationships between weather factors, soil moisture, and plant growth, has discussed the use of latent evaporation data in estimating actual evapotranspiration in soil moisture budget calculations. Latent evaporation, which can be considered as an index of the drying ability of the air, is measured with an atmometer featuring a small horizontal black evaporating surface (6). The black Bellani plate atmometer, which has been widely employed in Canada in measuring latent evaporation (7), is very susceptible to frost damage. This seriously limits its usefulness since important amounts of latent evaporation may occur during the spring and fall when the risk of frost is great.
Keywords: a comparison of black porous double-disc and bellani plateatmometers
Citation: Williams, G. D. V. 1967. A COMPARISON OF BLACK POROUS DOUBLE-DISC AND BELLANI PLATEATMOMETERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 9(1):66-68.
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Start page number: 66
End page number: 68
Date: 1967
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 9 (1967)

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