Land levelling on irrigated farms

Authors: Rapp, E.
Description: Land levelling for irrigation is the process of modifying the surface relief by grading and smoothing to a planned grade and to certain specifications required to facilitate or improve the uniform application of water. It is the process of flattening or modifying existing slopes or undulations rather than necessarily creating a level surface as the name may imply. Normally land levelling re quires earth moving over several hundred feet and should not be con fused with land planning, land smoothing or floating. These operations are usually accomplished with special equipment to eliminate minor irregularities and do not change the general topography of the land surface.
Keywords: land levelling on irrigated farms
Citation: Rapp, E. 1961. LAND LEVELLING ON IRRIGATED FARMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 3(1):8-10.
Volume: 3
Date: 1961
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 3 (1961)

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