A compact harvester unit for animal feeding trials

Authors: Kemp, J.G. And W.J. Pidgen
Description: A miniature harvester to harvest green forages for feeding trials with a limited number of sheep was de scribed earlier by Kemp and Pigden (1). While suitable for this purpose, its capacity was too small to provide material for feeding trials with cattle. Moreover, transportation was a problem since a vehicle was required to transfer the unit to and from harvesting sites and to haul the cut forages. A compact harvesting unit, including tractor, harvester and forage wagon, was required which would have (1) sufficient cutting capacity to supply forages for cattle feeding trials, (2) manoeuverability in small plots or fields and around buildings, (3) the ability to cut without contaminating uncut forage, (4) good roadability and relatively high road speed with cutter head attached to enable quick transport of the entire unit to and from multiple harvesting sites, (5) one-man operation including quick and easy coupling of the unit for field operation. Standard field crop harvesters did not meet many of these specifications so a special unit was designed.
Keywords: a compact harvester unit for animal feeding trials
Citation: Kemp, J.G. and W.J. Pidgen 1961. A COMPACT HARVESTER UNIT FOR ANIMAL FEEDING TRIALS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 3(1):7-16.
Volume: 3
Date: 1961
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 3 (1961)

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