Measuring engine wear with radio-active tracers

Authors: Domier, K. W.
Description: Extensive research has been devoted to the cause of engine wear and to minimizing its rate or extent through improvements in lubricants, fuels, metallurgy and operating conditions. Engine wear may result from three basic causes: corrosion, abrasion and friction. The chief cause of engine wear is generally recognized as corrosion, or chemical attack by moisture and acidic components originating as by-products of combustion. (1). Other researchers, however, (2) (3), seem to disagree on the percentage of engine wear caused by corrosion. Certain vegetable oils are known to have a low co-efficient of friction and a high oiliness factor. (4).
Keywords: measuring engine wear with radio-active tracers
Citation: Domier, K. W. 1960. MEASURING ENGINE WEAR WITH RADIO-ACTIVE TRACERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 2(1):33-34.
Volume: 2
Date: 1960
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 2 (1960)

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