Factors affecting selection of proper length-of-run as applied to furrow irrigation design

Authors: Gray, D. M., C.E. Beer
Description: With the increased interest in irrigation in Iowa during the past few years, a cooperative project between the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station and the Soil Conservation Service was initiated in 1955 to obtain design criteria for furrow irrigation systems.The influence of numerous inter related factors makes furrow irrigation design a complex phenomenon. Proper design of a system is consequently inhibited because of the lack of understanding of many of the influencing factors and the inability to express their influence quantitatively (6). The length-of-run best suited for a particular field is affected by erosion and drainage hazards, soil type, slope of the furrow, furrow geometry, and input to the furrow. This paper presents the results of field envestigations illustrating the effects of several of these factors on the design of furrow irrigation systems on several alluvial soils in the Missouri River Flood Plain.
Keywords: factors affecting selection of properlength-of-run" as applied to furrow irrigationdesign*"""
Citation: Gray, D. M., C.E. Beer 1960. FACTORS AFFECTING SELECTION OF PROPERLENGTH-OF-RUN" AS APPLIED TO FURROW IRRIGATIONDESIGN*. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 2(1):20-40."""
Volume: 2
Date: 1960
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 2 (1960)

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