Hydrologic research in western Canada

Authors: Melvin, R. E.
Description: The word hydrology would be properly defined as a study of the waters of the earth. This definition includes precipitation, surface and ground water, hydrology of lakes, rivers, and oceans, and the various processes common to each. Such a study, being tremendously broad, involves many fields such as meteorology, geology, and hydraulics. Use has established separate fields within the main grouping such as surface streams, ground water and the study of ice and snow. Unfortunately, a break down of this nature is not a practical one. The study of stream flow, for example, is intimately associated with a study of precipitation and geology. Studies within the hydrologic field are more logically grouped into uses of water such as irrigation, hydro-electric power, and urban and industrial water supply. These groups generally carry on their own hydrologic studies to meet their own specific needs. Because of the national aspect of the studies, Government Departments have taken on the major bur den of supplying information necessary for the division of the limited water resources.
Keywords: hydrologic research in western canada
Citation: Melvin, R. E. 1960. HYDROLOGIC RESEARCH IN WESTERN Canada. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 2(1):15-39.
Volume: 2
Date: 1960
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 2 (1960)

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