Feed processing machines, their costs and operation and quality of work

Authors: Docking, E. A.
Description: In Canada wheat, oats and barley are the main grains used in feeding livestock. These grains are fed by many thoUSAnds of livestock men to many classes of livestock under a variety of conditions. Methods of feeding consist of feeding the complete plant containing the grain, feeding the shelled grain whole or ground, or mixed in a variety of rations including a variety of feeds such as pellets and wafers. Small hard-kernelled grains which are the most common generally need some preparation before feeding to increase palatability, consumption and digestibility. Feed trials indicate this does not apply as rigidly to large kernelled grains or soft feeds.
Keywords: feed processing machines, their costs and operation and quality of work
Citation: Docking, E. A. 1960. FEED PROCESSING MACHINES, THEIR COSTS AND OPERATION AND QUALITY OF WORK. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 2(1):10-12.
Volume: 2
Date: 1960
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 2 (1960)

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