An improved screen for simulating rain fall

Authors: Melvin, R. E. And F. Bisal
Description: The relatively recent upsurge in interest in field measurements of infiltrations has resulted in numerous de signs of apparatus for applying simulated rainfall to field plots. The requirement of this apparatus is generally to apply water to the plot in question with energy approaching as nearly as possible that of falling rain drops. The work of Bisal (1), Ellison (2), and Ekern (3) suggests that this requirement might be met most easily by elevating the water to a sufficient height above the plot so that in falling the drop approaches the terminal velocity of a falling rain drop. Both Bisal and Ellison used towers to simulate rainfall on plots. Both workers experienced difficuty with the apparatus used to form the drops above the plot and both workers finally used a wire mesh and cloth system to produce drops. This apparatus, however, was delicate in that it could not easily be moved as would be required for portable apparatus. In addition, very light air currents tended to separate cloth and wire mesh, necessitating a time-consuming pro cess in putting the test equipment back into operation. In developing a portable field simulator (figure 1) the authors devised a screen of copper sheet that would meet the more rigorous demands of field apparatus.
Keywords: an improved screen for simulating rain fall
Citation: Melvin, R. E. and F. Bisal 1964. AN IMPROVED SCREEN FOR SIMULATING RAIN FALL. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 6(1):44-45.
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Start page number: 44
End page number: 45
Date: 1964
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 6 (1964)

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