Comparison of gravimeteric, tensiometer, and neutron methods of measuring soil moisture-.

Authors: Dubetz, S. And L. G. Sonrnor
Description: Soil moisture measurements are necessary in conducting studies that are concerned with the movement of moisture in the soil, the availability of moisture for plant use, and the scheduling of irrigations. The direct gravimetric method provides the greatest accuracy but is relatively slow and laborious. Indirect methods include the use of tensiometers and neutron-scattering equipment. Soil tensiometers, developed by Richards (3), are useful within the narrow range of 0 to 0.85 bar of tension. The neutron-scattering method, in which fast neutrons from a radio active source (Ra-Be) collide with hydrogen atoms and return as slow neutrons that can be counted, has recently (1, 4, 9) been adopted for soil moisture studies. The main features of this method are: (a) there is little disturbance to soil (b) it is sensitive over the entire available - moisture range
Keywords: comparison of gravimeteric, tensiometer, and neutron methods of measuring soil moisture-.
Citation: Dubetz, S. and L. G. Sonrnor 1964. COMPARISON OF GRAVIMETERIC, TENSIOMETER, AND NEUTRON METHODS OF MEASURING SOIL MOISTURE-.. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 6(1):32-34.
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Start page number: 32
End page number: 34
Date: 1964
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 6 (1964)

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