A new concept in bale elevator des1gn

Authors: Kaminski, T. L. And G. C. Zoerb
Description: Baling remains the most popular method of handling hay in Western Canada. The forage harvester and field pelleting machine have not been used extensively to date. In addition to the haying operation, many farmers are making extensive use of the baler to save the straw from combineharvested crops. Whenever a baler is used, there is a need for a bale elevator. It is surprising to note that a large number of farmers handle all of their bales entirely by hand. In some cases the number of bales handled per year may not be large enough to justify the purchase of a bale elevator. In many instances, however, it is believed that a bale elevator is not purchased simply because the avail able units are not designed to be flexible enough to handle the wide variety of bale handling situations that are present on each farm.
Keywords: a new concept in bale elevator design
Citation: Kaminski, T. L. and G. C. Zoerb 1964. A NEW CONCEPT IN BALE ELEVATOR DES1GN. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 6(1):20-21.
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Start page number: 20
End page number: 21
Date: 1964
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 6 (1964)

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