Aspects of tillage

Authors: Soehne, Walter H.
Description: Since the development of wooden plows tillage has been done by animaldrawn, occasionaly man-drawn implements and finally by the modern plows. Although the essential features of a plow such as stabilising sole, moldboard, plow share, standard, coulter are more than two thoUSAnd years old, the real development has taken place only in the last two centuries. A new chapter in the history of the plow began when nearly 100 years ago the animal drawn plow was partly replaced by the steam powered plow. In Europe, the steam powered plow had always been important only on the big estates. More recently the tractor drawn, mounted or semimounted plow is used most generally. The problem that has been considered is whether the plow is the right implement for the tractor or not. From the viewpoint of its development it is a drawn implement but the tractor engine can do more than pull. It has a relatively low efficiency considering the power transmission between tires and soil.
Keywords: aspects of tillage
Citation: Soehne, Walter H. 1963. ASPECTS OF TILLAGE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 5(1):2-3.
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Start page number: 2
End page number: 3
Date: 1963
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 5 (1963)

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