Present and future instrumentation for evaluation of farm equipment

Authors: Graham, J. A.
Description: The engineers designing farm implements are striving to improve the performance and increase the durability of their machines and at the same time have a unit than can be produced and sold at an economical cost to both the manufacturer and user. Instruments can play an important Part In aiding the designer develop durable high performance machines. The normal design practice has been to use some arbitrary load for computations. This load is selected on the basis of an average or peak load either expected or observed. A maximum permissible stress level is chosen for the design load. This is an easy task where a successful ma chine of similar design and function already exists. However, a real problem faces the product engineer on new machines and on old machines with major revisions. The conventional approach would be to deter mine the structural requirements by field durability tests. This type of testing requires a great length of time and if the first design is not satisfactory there is usually no time to test an alternate design before production. With the present rapid rate of introduction of new machines on the market this procedure is too costly and time consuming. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find new methods for reducing the development time and also to improve the performance of the unit both functionally and structurally. Modern instruments are used to determine the service loads in actual field operation. With the service loads known an analysis can be made to determine the structural requirements. The results of this analysis incorporated into the design give an experimental machine for durability tests which has a much better chance of performing satistorily in the field than machines de signed by former methods.
Keywords: present and future instrumentation for evaluation of farm equipment
Citation: Graham, J. A. 1962. PRESENT AND FUTURE INSTRUMENTATION FOR EVALUATION OF FARM EQUIPMENT. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 4(1):24-26.
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Start page number: 24
End page number: 26
Date: 1962
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 4 (1962)

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