Tile drainage of an irrigated shallow glacial till soil

Authors: Laliberte, Garland E.
Description: Drainage can be classified according to the two regions in which it is practised - humid areas and irrigated areas. The objective of humid area drainage is usually control of storm runoff, and the drains are normally placed at shallower depths than for irrigation drainage. Irrigation drain age has been simply defined as the removal of excess water and excess salts from agricultural soils (2). The high salt content of many irrigated soils developed in arid regions can be attributed to low precipitation. The minerals from which the soils were formed were originally high in salts and the precipitation has been insufficient to remove them by leaching. Drainage can also be classified as either surface or sub-surface. Surface drainage, while necessary, is comparatively simple. Open drains are merely installed at the proper depths and grades for removal of surface waters. Subsurface drainage, on the other hand, is more complex. Pumped wells, deep open drains, mole drains, perforated pipe or tubing, and tile drains are the five major types of subsurface drainage systems. The most common method is tile drainage. Tile drains are constructed by burying tile (one or two-foot lengths of circular concrete or burned clay conduit) in suit able water-bearing strata. The sections of tile are laid end-to-end and water enters the tile drain through the space between the tile. The tile drain is usually surrounded with gravel or some other filter material to prevent inflow of soil particles.
Keywords: tile drainage of an irrigated shallow glacial till soil
Citation: Laliberte, Garland E. 1962. TILE DRAINAGE OF AN IRRIGATED SHALLOW GLACIAL TILL SOIL. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 4(1):7-9.
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Start page number: 7
End page number: 9
Date: 1962
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 4 (1962)

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