Cover materials for tile drains

Authors: Hore, F. R. And H. C. Tiwari
Description: Silting of tile drains has been considered by many drainage engineers to be one of the most serious problems connected with tile drainage of sandy soils. In Ontario there are many acres of poorly-drained sandy soils which have become highly productive in response to tile drainage. However, the life of the drainage system is usually short unless special protective measures are taken to exclude the entrance of sand yet allow water movement into the drains. Common practices for this purpose have been to wrap the upper half or two-thirds of the tile joint with tar paper, or to blind the drain with straw, saw dust, shavings or other organic materials. Variable success has been experienced using these methods.
Keywords: cover materials for tile drains
Citation: Hore, F. R. and H. C. Tiwari 1962. COVER MATERIALS FOR TILE DRAINS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 4(1):2-3.
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Start page number: 2
End page number: 3
Date: 1962
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 4 (1962)

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