AGM NABEC-CSBE Orillia (2012)

7-steps to solving noise nuisance complaints about stationary farm equipment
Authors: Fraser, H
Keywords: agricultural noise, nuisance, normal farm practice, sound barrier, sound absorber
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12014
A comprehensive life cycle analysis for environmental and economic assessment of biochar systems
Authors: Dutta, B, Gsv Raghavan, S Dev
Keywords: biochar, biomass, life cycle analysis, environmental impact, economics
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12024
A logistics roadmap for biomass in Saskatchewan
Authors: Agnew, J, D Sampson
Keywords: biomass logistics, production, collection, harvesting, transportation, processing, torrefaction, densification
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12101
Adapting rusle2 for Ontario
Authors: Mckague, K
Keywords: soil erosion, modelling, rusle2, water quality
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12011
Air-steam gasification of dried manure-straw mixture
Authors: Sadaka, S
Keywords: gasificationj, manure, wheat straw
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12120
Airflow in broiler houses for salmonella risk reduction: measurements and simulations
Authors: Montas, H, J Timmons, G Felton, E Mallinson
Keywords: finite elements, food contamination, poultry production, building ventilation
Session name: Biological systems
Identifier: CSBE12109
All-season, remote monitoring of subsurface tile flow
Authors: Brunke, R, K Mckague
Keywords: tile drainage, open channel flow monitoring,water quality
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12015
Analysis of groundwater contamination with nitrate using gleams: case study
Authors: Mohammadi, K, M Afsharasl, A Liaghat
Keywords: environment, fertilizer, groundwater, gleams,nitrate leaching
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12102
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